How To Form New Friendships

Although some people will be more than happy with their dog being their best friend, it is essential to have humans in your life to socialize and have fun with.

Although some people will be more than happy with their dog being their best friend, it is essential to have humans in your life to socialize and have fun with.

That being said, it can prove difficult to make new friends. Whether you are looking for new friends at work, whilst traveling, or around your area, here are some tips that can help you form new friendships.

Use online communities

Although it is best to form new friendships in person, or at least have in-person interactions eventually, it can be easier to use online communities to form new friendships. Being online, it doesn’t matter if your new friend lives on the other side of the world or down the road. You can interact with them at any time and keep in touch when you want to catch up, organize a meeting, and more. 

You can build an online community at Geneva where you can get organized and stay connected with others while forming new friendships. You can share stories, ask how each other is, and more.

Don’t be afraid to compliment someone

Sometimes, new friendships can be formed from a simple compliment. You might be sitting next to someone on the train and notice that they have a similar style and are wearing a pair of shoes that you like. If so, then don’t be afraid to compliment their shoes. From there, the two of you might start a conversation, exchange numbers, and stories, and form a new friendship.

There will never be anything bad that comes from complimenting someone. It will make their day and may lead to a new lifelong friendship. 

Be your true self

When you are looking for a new friend or forming a friendship, it is always important to be your true and authentic self. Doing so will allow the person to see the real you. You might have noticed that over the years you have formed a different version of yourself to please others. If so, then you should work to put a stop to this as any friend will love you for who you are and respect your qualities.

Being your true self will make you and your new friend feel the most comfortable. You will be able to relax around them and have the most fun. 

Make the same amount of effort

Speaking of people-pleasing, it is always a good idea to recognize how much effort the other person is giving you. Although you might want to continue reaching out to them and make new plans because they are always busy, you will only leave yourself disappointed. Hence, always ensure to make the same amount of effort that they give you. This will result in a fair and respectful friendship. 

Likewise, never go quiet on a friend for no reason. When you think about them, let them know. It will show them that you want to spend time with them and think of them as an essential and happy part of your life. 

Speak to people with similar interests

Although you might think that it is difficult to know what strangers are interested in, it can soon become obvious if you attend the same things. For instance, you might be a keen runner. Joining a running club will soon have you surrounded by like-minded people with a similar interest in running. 

Having this in common, you can soon spark a conversation and form a friendship from there. Who knows, you might even discover that they have other things in common with you. Soon enough, you will have so much to talk about that you will never run out of conversation. 

Try not to take things personally

To form a new friendship, will always help to not take things personally. Should your new friend be a busy person, then they might be difficult to organize a coffee date with. It doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong. It simply means that they have to make time to fit around their schedule. The time that you eventually get to spend with them might be the best coffee date with a friend you have ever had.

Hence, if a friend is quiet or isn’t free most days, then make sure not to take it personally as it will likely not be something you have done. It is just that you lead different lifestyles. When the time is right for you both, you will be able to spend time together and grow your friendship.


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