8 Ideas To Save Money On Modern Technology And Devices

Whether at work or home, you probably rely on gadgets more than you think. But they can become expensive when you need to replace a broken or outdated device. However, there are multiple ways you can save money on modern technology. Savvy shopping is required for some things, while you can save if you don’t mind waiting or using older items.

Whether at work or home, you probably rely on gadgets more than you think. But they can become expensive when you need to replace a broken or outdated device. However, there are multiple ways you can save money on modern technology. Savvy shopping is required for some things, while you can save if you don’t mind waiting or using older items.

Don’t Be Scared of Pre Owned Stuff

Many people think pre-owned stuff is cheap and unreliable. But this is far from the truth. May reputable sellers of modern devices offer Android and iPhone repair as part of their service when taking broken items. And once in good working order and cleaned up, they sell them on. You can also find many high-priced items at a much lower cost, such as video game consoles, desktop PC, and DSLRs. These make great gifts on a budget or excellent replacements when something breaks. Additionally, pre-owned cameras are perfect for learning photography.

Use Open Source Software

Phones, tablets, and PCs use software for everything. But software can become expensive. Especially specialized or professional programs. But there are many variations on some of the most popular apps available. Open-source software isn’t always free, but much of it is. A perfect example is GIMP instead of Adobe Photoshop. GIMP has almost every feature of Photoshop but costs nothing. Office software is also another example. Microsoft Office subscriptions are pretty expensive. But Open Office and Google Apps offer the same features for free.

Save money on second-hand tech

Save money when buying a phone and rather buy a Refurbished iPhone SE

There are many benefits to buying a refurbished iPhone SE instead of a brand-new model.

Another advantage of opting for a refurbished iPhone SE is that it likely won’t have any manufacturing defects that could potentially cause problems down the line. New phones can sometimes have issues straight out of the box, but this is much less likely with a refurbished phone that has already been tested and deemed to be in working order.

If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable option, then buying a refurbished iPhone SE is definitely worth considering. You’ll save money and still end up with a great phone.

Save Money on Modern Technology with Sales

Modern technology and devices often go on sale with regular promotions like every item. So you can catch something you want at a reduced price if you keep an eye out. For example, you can bag a bargain during the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions. But tech such as laptops, PCs, and software are often promoted just before the kids go back to school. The trick is to keep an eye out by regularly checking branded websites or retailers. Additionally, resellers love to promote their sales on TV weeks ahead of when they are coming up. 

Buy Last Generation Products

It can seem like you need the latest gadgets. But you can save a ton of money if you resist the urge to buy devices as soon as they are released. Or purchase the previous generation. It is common for last-generation devices to drop in price significantly when a new model is released. For example, a last-gen iPhone will decrease in value and demand when a new one comes out, pushing the cost down. However, it isn’t always the case. For example, now that there are no new PS4s in production, the price has gone up, even though PlayStation 5 is out.

BONUS: How to Save Money with Tech

It can be quite a challenge to save on tech, but it can be done. But as expensive as great tech is, you can also use it to save money. Saving money with modern technology means knowing which products to use. Here are some excellent examples you can easily use:

  • Make your home a smart home to control energy use.
  • Switch to 100% paperless communication by using email and collaboration apps.
  • Use free spreadsheet apps to control your income and expenditure.
  • Consider savings apps that let you round up payments to save the excess.
  • Use free cloud-based storage and app services rather than software subscriptions.

There’s pretty much no limit to how tech can help you in your life. Yet, you can save money around your home or business with specialized apps and devices. Some tech is expensive to install at first but pays for itself in savings. At the same time, you can get helpful apps for free.

Ask and Wait for Hand Me Downs

Sometimes waiting can save you some money when it comes to new models. But many people also don’t mind passing along their older devices when they get a new one. Friends and relatives are an excellent source of free or low-cost devices. And most will be pretty generous if they know you need something, such as a laptop for work. Of course, no used product is as good as a brand new one, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Hand-me-down devices are an excellent way to do what you need to while saving for a new model later on.

Promote Products on Your Blog or Channel

You may not be aware, but there are legitimate ways to get your hands on new devices for free. However, it takes a bit of work. Everyone assumes that YouTubers and bloggers make tons of money. But for most, this isn’t the case. However, while you might make minimal money, you can get free devices by promoting or reviewing your blog or channel products. Tech companies will send you free video games, phones, and tablets or styling products if you are honest and have a good amount of traffic through your channel or website.

Shopping Apps Help Save Money on Modern Technology

One of the most overlooked features of the internet and apps are shopping apps. Shopping apps offer unique features for saving when you shop online. Some are made to save you money with sales alerts and price comparisons. While others provide features for getting cashback when you buy stuff. So, if you shop online often, you can use cashback savings to save for a new device. Or you can use apps like Priceline, Invisible Hand, and Slick Deals to alert you to the best deals, so you don’t have to sit and monitor every site on the internet.

Consider Finance if You Can Afford It

Modern tech and devices are expensive. But credit is a great way to spread the cost of getting something brand new. In some cases, older models might not be good enough, and they can be almost as expensive as new devices, as is the case with PS4. Finance and credit loans give you the money to get what you need, which you pay back with regular installments. However, whether you can get credit depends on your credit score and your ability to repay a loan. Often they are low, and some credit cards offer 0% interest. But consider that it is an added expense.


It can be a nightmare when a device breaks or you need something but don’t have the cash. Of course, you can get your devices repaired. However, often it’s better to buy new or get refurbished devices. Pre-owned items are sold in good condition from reputable businesses. Or you can keep an eye out for seasonal promotions and apply for finance or use credit cards.


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