Everything A Beginner Investor Needs To Know

Investing is a great way to expand your finances and make something more of them without having to earn them from your everyday job. If you’ve got some savings aside, know that those savings could be building up in the background while you live your life.

Investing is a great way to expand your finances and make something more of them without having to earn them from your everyday job. If you’ve got some savings aside, know that those savings could be building up in the background while you live your life.

A lot of people think that investing is for people who make a lot of money, who have a lot of money saved away – but that’s not always the case. There are so many different investments a person could make, and some of them are very low cost. You might be thinking “well, there’s not much point in making such a small investment” but that’s where you would be wrong. Some mediums of investing can bring you very high returns if luck is on your side!

Your experience

Before you get started on deciding what kind of investment you should make, you should first look at what kind of experience you’ve got. Even if you haven’t made any real prior investments up until this point, it’s good to see what you can work with, as it will help you to make a more informed choice when it comes time to put your money down. For example, if you’ve spent a lot of time handling cars or even just shopping for cars – you’ll notice that there are trends in the market. Cars can be both a good and bad investment, but if you understand which way the market is going to go, it would be a safer investment for you.

Low risk and high risk

You should also be aware that not every investment you make is going to be completely safe. A lot of investments are volatile, like the crypto market. You could invest a lot and see high returns, but you could also see your investment shrink shortly after putting it down. It’s the kind of investment you can’t go into unless you’re sure you want to make it.

The problem is that the lower risk investments can be harder to make, and also harder to see a return on. Investments like real estate take time to bring back your profit, and you have to put a lot more work into it than you would others. That said, if you have the know-how, then this is an investment that you can see high returns from. There’s always going to be demand for property, so generally speaking it would be a good investment for you to make.

If you’re into the idea of making higher risk investments to see potentially quicker and easier returns, you could look into crypto trading. It’s something that can go up and down unpredictably, and you could lose a lot of your investment. However, you could also double your investment overnight and withdraw as soon as you’ve made a gain that you’re happy with. The problem is, if you hold on for too long, you could see that profit disappear in a flash – it happens to many who are invested. It takes a lot to invest, and you can read up on it.

Long term investments

If your goal in investing is to secure yourself a more financially secure future, then you might be interested in making a more long-term investment. Of course, you won’t see your money for the time being, but you can be sure that it’s going to be gaining value all the while you’re waiting for it. Things like real estate, business investments, and cars could all be seen as long-term investments, and they involve waiting out your investment until the right moment.

You could even invest in a high-yield savings account if you had the amount of money that made it worth your time. You deposit your money for a fixed amount of time and your interest will gain based on a percentage. The only downside to this is that you won’t be able to access the money until the agreed term is up. 

Short term investments

Short term investments are for when you want to make money from your savings faster, and you’re not willing to wait it out. There’s nothing wrong with that kind of investment, but you won’t be able to make as much money as you would in longer terms. That is of course, unless you were interested in trading stocks or crypto.

High-yield savings accounts can also be short term, but you should note that the interest percentage will be lower. This can still be worth your time if you invest enough money to gain from it. Just make sure that you’ll have the money back and accessible before you need it, as some accounts won’t allow you to access it before the agreed date.

Different mediums

As far as investing goes, there are far too many ways to invest to list them all, as money can be made from anything that will sell. As mentioned earlier, if you have the time and money to invest it, you would be better off putting it into something you already know about. There’s nothing stopping you from learning something new, but when it comes to making investments right now – it’s your best bet. 

Real estate

Real estate is a safe market to invest in, however you’re going to need to put in some hard work if you want it to work for you. You need to make sure you can renovate it to the point where you can charge a comfortable rate for tenants to live in it. You also need a way to find tenants who are going to reliably pay their rent. Then there’s the maintenance that needs to be kept up with, else you’re going to have a hard time keeping tenants. 

Even once things are ready, it’s going to take you some time to make back your investment, let alone a profit. This is something that will provide you a steady income once you’ve paid for it, so if you’re looking for fast cash this is not the investment for you.

Advised investments

If you haven’t really got any experience that can help you with your investment, you could make your investment based off of someone else’s experience. You don’t need to know what’s best if you’re paying someone else to advise you. Some forms of investment require a lot of experience if they’re going to pay off, so paid advice would be well-worth your money if you could find something that works for you.

Trading platforms

There are different trading platforms for stocks and crypto, and you’re going to need to get familiar with them if you’re interested in trading. These platforms are necessary for making purchases and sales and are going to be the cornerstone of where you make your profit. If you’re at all interested, you’ll want to read guides on how to navigate these apps and what everything means.

Diversified investments

Sometimes it’s best to not put all of your eggs in one basket. If you make profit on just one investment out of ten, that’s still a possible gain for you. Even though you would have made a lot more money if you had invested all of your money into one thing, you can’t guarantee a success. It’s much better to break even than lose out on all of your savings, so why not lower those risks? You never know how much money one investment can bring you, so spread them out a bit.


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