XGIMI Elfin Projector: The Review

If you have not yet heard of the XGIMI name, it might be since they are a relatively new company. They have been around for a few years but, in that short period of time, they have really started to make a name for themselves. In looking to do more with my backyard space, I have been looking for a portable yet semi powerful projector. I believe I have found it.

If you are looking for a small, relatively light weight (2lbs) projector, the 1080 FHD, 800 lumen Elfin will definitely not disappoint. This Xgimi projector is a great option for that price. What I liked the most was the automatic picture size and autofocus setup that helps to find the right screen adjustment every time you move the projector to a different location. Even if this functionality isn’t always perfect, it helps saving a lot of time on finding the right position or the right parameters.
The overall quality, starting from the box, and then moving to the material, the manual and even the remote control, is very high. I would have appreciated to find also a dedicated bag, especially considering that this is a portable device.

The integrated Android 10 functionality makes very easy to use it as a replacement of your television. It’s a shame that Netflix doesn’t work (you have to connect a separate streaming device or use the desktop monitor app, as suggested below). I hope this issue will be fixed in a future update.

The image quality is very good, with a good definition granted by the native 1080p resolution and a good, but not great, contrast ratio and brightness. Nothing bad, especially for this price range (I doubt you could expect more), but don’t pretend the same performances of the much more expensive options from this or other vendors.

The sound is also reasonably good: enough to use this projector as a portable device but, if you can, I would suggest connecting it via Bluetooth to an external sound bar or speakers. This option is very easy to setup, thanks to the native android system, and it works very well, with a great sound quality and without any sound/image lag. Another positive note is for the cooling fan, it is very quiet, even when you keep the volume low.

Just something you have to be aware of with this unit, if you are planning to mount the projector on the wall or ceiling. This device uses a main central screw, same as the photo cameras; therefore, if you already have a standard wall ceiling mount hanger, be sure that it is compatible with this projector or be prepared to replace it with a different one.

That said, I would rate this a definite buy, extremely happy with this unit especially for my use in the backyard, mainly due to the great performance and the auto keystone functionality. The sound is much better than other products in the same price range, but don’t expect miracles. The Elfin has all the elements one would think of having in a good home projector.

• Auto Keystone Correction / Intelligent Screen Alignment/Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance
• Great picture at 150″ display. The unit can go up to 200″.
• Impressively quiet projector
• Bright for most scenarios (even when not completely pitch black)
•  Solid build quality, both in material and in image picture it throws.
•  keystone does surprisingly well when picture is thrown from a sharp angle instead of straight-on.

• Netflix app isn’t supported on this device natively. I did figure out a way to get that loaded and working.*
• If you bump the device, it will run auto keystones again.
• The remote has this weird mode where you have to toggle a tiny dip switch in order to swap the up/down arrows between changing focus vs volume. It defaults to volume.
• No Battery

* You can install Netflix but not installing it from Google play store. You have to install a desktop manager first then install the Netflix from there. It takes one extra step but it’s better than using airplay. 

The XGIMI Elfin is a great all in one compact projector which definitely packs a punch for your backyard or home. I know I will be enjoying it in my backyard for years to come.

You can purchase the XGIMI Elfin on the XGIMI website.

Price: $649.99
Where to buy: XGIMI, Amazon

Disclosure: I received the XGIMI Elfin in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given


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