You Should Try Running Every Day

People often look at running as nothing more than a cardio exercise, but simple as it might be, it’s one of the most transformative exercises when done consistently. Keep reading and find out why you should try running every day.

Every healthy lifestyle is built upon a solid and consistent fitness regimen. Whether that’s achieved through bodyweight training or weightlifting, we all have our preferences regarding weight management and staying active. Furthermore, all this free time we’ve found while working from home and managing everything at the comfort of our bedrooms has enabled more people to make several healthy lifestyle choices by engaging in more exercise.

However, if there’s one exercise that has fallen out of style for apparently being “too simple,” it is running. While we can understand why people might find it a bit boring compared to CrossFit and other high-intensity alternatives, we can’t deny its benefits. So, today we plan to tear down this undeserved misconception about running being too bland and explore just how transformative it can be when you do it consistently every single day.

It’s More Than Just Cardio

Yes, at its very core, running is a cardio exercise aimed at improving your cardiovascular health and endurance. Still, when you consistently do it every day, it becomes more than just an exercise but an integral part of your life. In fact, even the health aspect of running is often vastly understated, and you’ll be surprised at how much your life will change if you stick to a daily running schedule.

#1 Dramatically Improves Your Overall Health

We can already hear the arguments about knee health coming from a mile away, but did you know that, contrary to popular belief, running every day can be linked to better knee health as opposed to weaker knees? While there’s yet to be any direct correlation for reducing knee pain, running does help with your BMI scores which improves your overall health. Plus, it also strengthens your bones, lets you lead a more fulfilling life and various opportunities for self-improvement.

  • A Better Mood: Nothing feels worse than waking up early in the morning groggy and without any energy to move, but running every day, especially first thing in the morning, immediately flips a switch in your brain into having a better mood. Usually, you’d think that running in the morning would drain you of energy, but it activates your body and preps it for all the work you’ll do for the rest of the day. It’s also nice knowing your wide awake and ahead of the day before the Sun can even rise.
  • Helps You Think: We all struggle with making final decisions; from getting that professional male hair transplant to taking a chance on your startup business, it can all be overwhelming to ponder. Luckily, running every day lets you transfer that energy into your running spirit and gives you an avenue to release everything that’s clouding your judgment. It enables you to focus on the one thing that’s important and makes the decision-making process less of a hassle.

#2 Teaches You Discipline

While exercise and fitness generally teach you discipline, nothing does this better than waking up early to go on your daily runs. At first, it might seem like something you don’t look forward to, but as time passes, it becomes something you crave every morning until it transforms into a habit that signals your body and mind that the day is about to start. Plus, there’s no better motivator than seeing actual results come in the form of a better physique or faster times.

  • Rain Or Shine Attitude: Consistency is key to getting better. Running is one of those cardio exercises that help develop a rain or shine attitude both in the literal sense and mindset-wise. Whether you’re feeling down or don’t have your spirits up, you power through and still go on that run because you know it will help. And when you finally attain that goal, you know you’ve deserved that delicious steak because you can burn the calories through your running.

#3 Generates Self-Fulfillment

A lot of people struggle with viewing their self-value and self-worth, and it’s one of the leading reasons why people go through depressive episodes. However, running every day can help solve this problem because it generates self-fulfillment. It clears away any negative thought bothering you at the moment and lets you focus on just running, and there’s a sense of accomplishment and runner’s high that envelops your whole body. And this concept of self-fulfillment transfers over to other areas of your life, teaching you that action must come from your own motivation.

Not For Everyone But Give It A Chance

Overall, it’s very clear that running is more than just a cardio exercise but a transformative fitness activity that can improve many other areas of your life. And while we understand that it might not be everyone’s preference to run, we strongly recommend giving it at least a chance to prove its benefits.


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