Mid Life Career Crisis? Changing Careers Late In Life

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As we go through life, we change dramatically. Chances are you’re a very different person now than you were when you first left school. Your preferences and the things you like to do are different, your outlook on the world is different. This is great as it means we’re always learning, adapting and growing- but it means that the career path you chose for yourself in your younger years just might not suit you anymore. Maybe you’re unhappy in your role, feel as though you have achieved everything or just want a change of direction. There are lots of reasons why people choose to make the switch later in life, and the good thing is, it’s completely possible to do so.

Deciding To Make The Change

Making a career change is a brave move. Stepping out of the realms of what is comfortable and known into something new takes a lot of courage. Spend some time before resigning really thinking everything through. Make sure you’re aware of what your next move is. For example, is there some training or a course you can do in your spare time before giving up your original job? This could make the transition and finding your next role easier. Are there enough jobs in the market for what you want to? Maybe you want to give up work to run your own business. It’s useful to put in the hours beforehand to make sure it’s running well before giving up full-time work. You can find information about this on sites like https://www.entrepreneur.com.

Look At Doing A Course To Boost Your Skills

Things move very quickly in the world of business and the qualifications and certifications that you received in your younger years may be somewhat outdated. To make sure that you give yourself the very best chances of landing your job, look at taking an online course, such as the capm for beginners by simplilearn. It opens up a whole new career path for you and means that you are not on a backfoot when it comes to the skills that you need. 

Be Wary of Discrimination

There are laws in place that prevent workers from being discriminated against purely because of their age. However in reality it’s a lot less clear cut, and millions of people have and will continue to be turned away or forced out of work simply because of how old they are. When you first started out in your career this is something you wouldn’t have had to think about, however making a change later in life it’s worth being aware of. If you believe you have been discriminated against due to your age, a lawyer such as https://www.warriorsforjustice.com/ would be able to advise you.

Think About The Money

When changing careers, chances are you will be moving to a well-paid position to a much lower paid one since you will be starting from scratch. Many people are fine with taking a cut in money if it means working in a career they’re much more passionate about and happy doing. But have a think about the money and make sure it will work for you. Will you still be able to afford to pay everything you need to pay? You might need to make a few lifestyle changes to adapt, especially in the beginning. The good thing is, changing careers later in life means you will probably move up the ladder more quickly than you did the first time round. Years of work experience all counts for something, even if it’s not directly linked to the new role. You know how to show up, work hard and fight your way to the top as you’ve already done it once.


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  1. Rea says:

    This article has lots of insights. You’re right, as we go through life we might find our selves looking for what we can do more.


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