Testing Products For A Fee: How Safe Is It?

Testing products is a great side hustle because it pays so well, but is it safe, and how can you turn it into something that really reaps you rewards?

If you are looking for a way to get some extra money on the side perhaps you are setting up your own business and are looking for a side hustle or you just need some extra cash, product testing is one of the oldest ways to get some extra money. All you do is test products and provide feedback. But what does it take to do it properly as a viable side hustle, but is testing products for a fee safe?

How Do You Become a Product Tester?

Becoming a product tester is simple and doesn’t require any previous experience. There are a wide variety of websites out there that will pay you to test products. Influenster, NetGalley, and Beta Testingare three of the many sites out there.

With each website, there’s a variety ofcriteria that you may or may not need to pass. Signing up is usually straightforward. Sometimes you may need to apply. And if there are products suitable for you and your needs, they will message you.

Is Product Testing Safe?

As these websites provide a wide variety of products, the thing you need to understand is that tests are aimed at certain age groups. As nice as it would be to apply for a wide variety of products, it would not be suitable for you to try something that you know is already good for you. People who use teeth bleaching or whitening gel kits or have great dental health would not be the right test subjects for experimental at-home dental hygiene products.

It is unlikely that you will qualify for every test. Many websites also place a limit on the number of products that an individual can test. But as the product has already been through lab testing, the product testing stage as conducted by yourself is purely to see if the item works or if you have feedback on a product.

How Can You Turn It Into a Proper Side Hustle?

Many people use this approach as a way to get some money on the side. But the important thing to remember is that the amount of money you make testing products relies on a wide variety of factors. It’s not necessarily about pushing for more products to test. It’s down to your suitability. But you can get more work if you put more effort into the small details and provide good quality feedback.

But the best approach would be for you to apply to a wide variety of sites. Because they aren’t always going to offer you work, it’s more likely that when one website isn’t offering you anything, another website may very well be looking for a product tester. There is a lot of luck involved. And it is possible to make up to $45 an hour testing products, but you might have fallow months.

This is where it’s important to diversify your efforts as far as your side hustle is concerned. Testing products for a fee is a fantastic idea on the surface, but in order to truly reap the rewards, you’ve got to diversify.

Testing products for a fee is a fantastic way to earn some money on the side. It is safe and it is definitely a way to earn some good quality money for relatively little work, but only if you can get it.


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