5 Extreme Sports To Add To Your Bucket List

You may have been making some effort to stay fit by starting (and sticking) to a new fitness plan. Well, if you’re thinking of pushing your fitness to the next level, you may want to try extreme sports! These ‘adrenaline’ sports are all about living on the edge, having fun, and testing your limits. So, if this thought excites you , here are five extreme sports to consider adding to your bucket list.

1. Heli-skiing

Heli-Skiing is a type of skiing sport, but instead of being lowered by a cable cart, you are being dropped from a helicopter. This form of skiing takes place in inhabited areas and untapped mountainous terrains. Because these areas are difficult to reach, a helicopter drops you down for a downhill skiing experience on untouched land. The dangers of this sport come from the possibility of a helicopter hazard, or a change in the weather conditions, like an avalanche.]

2. Snowboarding 

Snowboarding is a sport based on speed, technique, and style. Although it is considered an Olympic sport, for people who are not accustomed to the winter-sports, sliding down a mountainous, snowy hill is exciting and terrifying. Before getting your snowboard, consider consulting a snowboard size chart to know the right board for you.

3. BMX racing

Take your cycling to the extreme by trying out BMX racing, a daring cycling competitive sport with BMX bikes. This adventure sport is hard, fast, and dangerous, with many participants, mostly the amateurs, leaving such races with a severe injury. The race involves eight bikers and a dirt course filled with jumps. During the race, cyclists throw their bikes in the air to pull various stunts and score more points. Before embarking on this extreme sport, be sure you have some skills on your BMX bike and are familiar with it. 

4. Volcano boarding or volcano surfing

One of the most dangerous, yet adrenaline-pumping sports to undertake is volcano boarding. Participants in this death-defying activity wear protective gear (for example, helmets and knee pads) and ride up and down the volcano at high speed- either sitting or standing.  Not only do the rough and uneven walls of the volcanoes make the sport dangerous, but so does the idea of riding up and down an active volcano. The Cerro Negro near Leon in Nicaragua is the most famous volcano boarding slope.

5. Highlining

Highlining is an extreme sport for the brave-hearted person. This sport is regarded as one of the most dangerous and extreme sports globally because it doesn’t just challenge your physical but your mental strength too. A Highline is connected between two mountains, and you would have to walk on it to get to the other side, while attached to a safety harness. During the walk across, gushes of wind could cause you to panic, and the distance from the ground may also overwhelm you. In the case that you do fall, you would have a challenging climb to make it back up to the top of the mountain. 

You only live once, so it may be worthwhile living a life of adventures – if you’re into that sort of thing. You can try one, or all, the extreme sports mentioned here to create memories and overcome fears. 


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