3 Ways For Men To Look And Feel Younger

Listen To Your Body, Eat Healthy, Self-Care Routine

Let’s face it, aging is inevitable. Luckily though, there are ways to slow the down process and feel younger longer. Our mental and physical well beings have a lot to do with how we treat ourselves. That being said, it’s important to take care of our health to not only look and feel younger but to also live longer. Keep reading to learn how you can help yourself live a more prosperous and youthful life.

1. Listen To Your Body

It’s no secret that our bodies send signals to us when something is wrong, but whether or not we acknowledge these signals is another story. It can be easy to push our physical health to the side when there are other things in life that seem to be more of a priority. By doing this, we are setting ourselves up to age faster and increasing the chance of obtaining health complications down the line. To prevent this, start listening to your body now and take care of it regularly through exercise, healthy eating, and routine doctor visits. 


It is recommended that individuals engage in 30 minutes of physical activity each day to promote heart health and proper body function. However, doing more than just 30 minutes a day will help you look and feel younger as you’ll be able to tone your muscles and keep your skin firm. You’ll also be able to maintain a healthy weight easier. 

Consider your lifestyle and how you can best insert exercise into your daily routine. Depending on your fitness goals, you might want to consider an online workout program to help motivate you and keep you on track for staying or getting fit. It will also make it easier to stay involved with exercising down the road as you’ll be able to join a community of supporters and others who are serious about staying on top of their health. 

2. Healthy Eating

A balanced diet will give you the energy you need each day to function and is easier on your digestive system. When unhealthy foods, such as snacks with excessive sugar or salt, are constantly consumed it makes your digestive system work harder and can result in problems down the line. These kinds of foods can also cause heart complications and increased weight. 

Take care of your body by eating the proper amount of each food group and water every day while limiting your intake of unhealthy foods. It’s also important to note that alcohol consumption can greatly impact your health and make you age quicker, so consider limiting how often you drink to protect your health. 

Routine Doctor Visits

Men typically avoid going to the doctor unless they are in unbearable pain. This shouldn’t be the case as there are routine tests and screenings that men need to get starting around the age of 35. Check with your doctor to find out how often you should be visiting and be sure to schedule any recommended tests, like regular blood pressure and cancer screenings. Also, be sure to go to the doctor when you’re feeling off instead of waiting until it’s too late. Getting into this habit will help you maintain proper health and make you look and feel younger even as you get into your later years of life. 

Maintain A Healthy Mental State 

While your physical health is important, so is your mental health. Just like ignoring physical health warning signs, it’s easy to ignore mental feelings and pretend like everything is fine. Eventually though, ignoring your mental health can lead to health complications and much quicker aging. 

Take care of your mental health by practicing mindfulness habits, like daily meditation or journaling. This will allow you to release any negative thoughts and clear your head. If you ever start to feel overstressed or have symptoms of mental health disorders like depression or anxiety, don’t be afraid to seek outside help. Sometimes talking with a close family member or friend can do the trick, but if that doesn’t work, therapists are a great option. Take the time to make your mental health a priority because it can make you feel calmer and keep your mind younger. 

3. Establish A Self-Care Routine

A self-care routine is huge when it comes to feeling and looking younger. Taking care of your appearance will boost your self-confidence and make you feel better in your own skin. Two areas to focus on include hair and skin.


Your appearance plays a significant role in both self-confidence and what age you appear to be. Aging and stress can cause hair loss but with the proper and maintenance and tools, this can be prevented. Get into the habit of caring for your hair with the proper products like heat protectant spray when doing your hair and avoid drying products like styling gels that can damage hair particles. If you do begin to notice any thinning or hair loss, there are a variety of hair loss treatments for men to keep your locks looking full and to stop hair loss in its tracks. 


Life’s daily stressors can also impact complexion as we age. Wrinkles, acne, and cellulite can all worsen with age but just like with hair, proper maintenance and attention can slow down changes and make us look younger. Start each morning and end each day by washing your face with the right cleanser for your skin type, followed by a toner then moisturizer. Don’t be afraid to do a facemask treatment from time to time as well, especially for acne-prone areas like your t-zone. If you have any acne on your back or chest, invest in an acne body scrub to help clear up any areas. A consistent skincare routine will keep your skin looking young and fresh. Remember to alter your routine as your body goes through any changes.

These are some of the best and most effective ways to keep yourself looking and feeling young. Stay fresh by prioritizing your mental and physical health to stay youthful for as long as possible. These things will also help keep a healthy lifestyle if practiced for years to come.

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