5 Challenging Team Building Activities To Test Your Abilities

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Team building activities are a great way to boost morale, but more important than that, you can really show off your skills to your colleagues. If you’ve got a competitive streak, and your employees do as well, why not organize some fun challenges to really test your abilities? Find stimulating and fresh ideas for your team building challenges this summer.

Urban survivalism

Do you think you could survive in a natural disaster or a war? Some of the most fun team building challenges are urban survivalism themed. You can choose a scenario. It might be finding a way to survive a disaster in the city, or escaping and racing to a new location untraced. 

These challenges will definitely test your survival skills, but instead of hunting and camping in the woods, you’ll be lost in the big city. This team building activity is very flexible and you can organize it in pairs or small groups. 

Embrace the outdoors

It’s the perfect weather for some outdoor challenges. If you are you’re team love hiking and camping, you could head to the nearest nature reserve or forest. You can test your survival skills here as well and set certain rules to forage for your own food or ban electricity and smartphones.

You can set up archery challenges, or paintballing. Summer is the best time of year for these kinds of activities. Find an open space and try out some military-style team building activities. These could involve river crossings and bridge building, or making projectiles and other weapons.


Equipped with maps and compasses, set off in teams or pairs to explore the wilderness. You might remember similar activities from your scout days, but you can up the location to a more remote setting. You’ll each need to find the best route to a chosen destination, and race your way there. Advanced orienteering requires exceptional fitness and several other problem solving skills. 

Rip current

If your team has some experience with water sports there is a variety of challenges you could try. You could go white water rafting and learn how to maneuver the boat as a group. You could also set sail and race across the water. Sailing is a great team-building activity if you already have the skills. Otherwise, you could try other water activities such as canoeing and kayaking. 

Cocktail challenge

If you want to unwind after roughing it outdoors all day, why not have a cocktail making competition? You could set your employees into pairs and see who can come up with the best new cocktail recipes. You can all have a vote on it to choose the winner. 

You could also offer points for the best names, and for originality. With cocktail making, pretty much anything goes, but the result isn’t always appetizing! It’s more challenging than it looks. If you want professional advice you could hire a mixologist to help you host the party. Whoever wins, after trying a few cocktails, you’ll definitely see a boost in morale. 

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