Hiking & Camping: When Man Returns To His Element

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Nature is man’s humble abode. We didn’t become the apex predator on this planet for nothing. We understand the seasons, how the earth behaves in terms of weather, landscape, temperature and even the motion of the ocean. There’s something so calming about being among nature and wildlife that draws us in, deeper and deeper. Perhaps it’s the yearning to show yourself, that you cannot be conquered by mother nature. It’s also a time to bond with friends, test your survival skills and mental toughness. But you can’t do all that without a little bit of help. These are the top hiking and camping gear choices for your next trip out into the wild.

Your outer shell

Just like a turtle, you need a protective shell when you’re outdoors, hiking through the woods. The Rab Phantom Pull-On is a great outer layer because it weighs only 3.1 ounces but it’s waterproof and breathable. Used primarily to protect your body from the rain, it’s also a hard shell material, so you can expect it to not absorb the water and increase in weight as you’re walking through a downpour. However, inside you have a soft shell, which means it will flex and mould to your body shape, not limiting your movement. It is a pull-on however, so you won’t be able to take it off whenever you want, which is something you’ll have to get used to.

A wrist computer

The Garmin Fenix 6X Solar Multisport GPS Watch is a wrist computer that you need to watch your back when you’re out in the mountains and forests. It uses a GPS satellite connection, to pinpoint your location, so you can find yourself on a map or use your watch as a beacon for search and rescue. It tracks your steps, pace and even your sleep to name a few things. This is all designed to help you understand how much energy you’re burning, how far you’ve gotten, how long you’ve been moving and how much resting hours you have accumulated. It can show you if your heart rate is too high or too low depending on what your goal is.

A third leg

When you’re traversing across swamping terrain, or you’re going uphill, you need to have a third leg to hold you up. A hiking stick is something that is so simple, so rudimentary in its function that you might overlook its effectiveness. But there are the best hiking sticks on the market and they’re loved by young and old alike, for a reason. They’re portable, can be broken down into sections and they are sturdy enough to hold your entire weight. You can also customize your hiking stick to your liking. Some hiking sticks are basic and designed for normal use, others have weight distribution that can be changed so you can use them in more intense hiking trips when you’re trying to beat a personal record.

A small wrist computer that can calculate and track most of the important things you will need during your hiking or camping trips, is worth the money. Equally as important is a simple hiking stick that can help you up the most challenging terrain.


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