Food Tips For When You’re Stuck In Quarantine

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The world has thrown us a loop this year, and the start of this new decade has brought the biggest challenge any of us could have faced. 

Being in quarantine is a dream come true for some, and a living nightmare for others. You might be learning a new skill every day, spending your days on games like the thunderstruck 2 slot, or maybe you are struggling to motivate yourself to get up from the sofa at all. 

Today we want to focus on things you can do in quarantine that are good related, and ways that you can either make the most of the ingredients you have or try new things while you are at home.

Make Your Own Bread

If you have never made bread before you definitely should. Bread is amazing from a bakery however there is nothing better than fresh bread you have made yourself in your kitchen. Take the time this isolation period to create simple bread recipes to serve with soups, burgers, or even make sandwiches with. All you need is strong bread flour, yeast, and sugar and salt!

Experiment With Vegan Recipes

Most of us at one time or another have considered trying to get healthier and try veganism for a short period of time. Vegan recipes are full of goodness and they stay away from fatty foods like dairy and meat. Now that shopping is more difficult and you may struggle to find meat in the store, take the time to try a few vegan recipes and give your body a detox! You might discover some amazing new family favorites to add to your recipe rotation and you’ll have fun cooking too! 

Organize The Pantry

If you have been living a hectic adult life for some time, it is very likely that some of the food in your pantry will have gone out of date and lost at the back of the cupboard. Take this time to have a pantry clear out and refresh your pantry to allow you to make room for new things in the future.

Make Restaurant Classics

As we have been in quarantine, a lot of our favorite restaurants have shared recipes for their meals that we can make at home. McDonald’s shared their sausage McMuffin, greggs shared their sausage bean and cheese melt, and Wagamama have shared their Katsu chicken curry recipe. Have some fun in the kitchen and recreate your favorite classics this week!

Cook Big Batch Chili

If you are looking for a simple way to use up pantry ingredients as well as save money this month during quarantine, a big boat have chili con carne is the answer. This healthy and hearty meal can be paired with rice, pasta, jacket potato and even inside a burrito for versatile and fun meals. All you’ll need is beef mince, chilli, spices, assorted beans and chopped tomatoes! You’ll be able to clear out the pantry and also make a yummy meal that you can enjoy for the whole week or freeze! 

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  1. illignis says:

    Nice blog! 😀 I’m a very passionate lifestyle and food blogger too – you can check out my blog if you like 🙂


  2. LisaDay says:

    I received a vegetarian cookbook. First recipe made? Cookies. Made black bean brownies. Not good. Save yourself.


  3. This is great advice! useful information thanks for your post.


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