Making Money On Your Mobile

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Looking to make some quick extra cash? There could be a simple way of making money using only your cell phone. Here are just a few money-making methods to try on your mobile.

Answer surveys

Online surveys have long been a popular way of making some extra cash. There are a number of sites and apps that you can use to complete surveys on your phone. You won’t make much money per survey, but it’s an easy way of earning small amounts of cash. Longer and more niche surveys will tend to earn you more. You can pick and choose the surveys you want to answer and can complete them in your own time.

Plus, if your mobile is 5G enabled, and you can use to check on the coverage rates in your area, it won’t be any trouble at all to earn a bit of spare cash in answering surveys. After all, no matter where you are in the world, you’ve still got a high speed mobile network to rely on, and that means you’re less likely to miss the high paying rates that many survey sites release at a moment’s notice. You’ve got to get in fast to earn some proper cash here, and a reliable connection is the first step. 

Play mobile casino games

There are plenty of mobile casino games that can be excellent for potentially making money. Given that you’re gambling, there’s no certainty that you’ll win anything, however you can maximize your chances by taking advantage of games that offer no deposit bonuses. You should read reviews and play demo games to get an idea of the types of games that are out there and which are the best. Try to stick to a budget to avoid gambling away too much!

Invest your spare change

There are apps that can allow you to save up spare change – this usually works by rounding up every transaction to the nearest dollar and then putting the leftover change into a savings account. Some of these apps also give you the option to invest this spare change, allowing you to choose a variety of different investment channels. After several months of regular shopping, you could find that you’ve earned a nice sum of money.

New app trials

You can also make money from testing out new apps. By signing up to certain sites, you can be given the option to test apps via twenty minute sessions, after which you submit a voice recording reviewing the app and receive $10. Other app-trial platforms allow you to collect points which can be used to buy gift cards with the added option to receive bonuses if you recommend the platform to a friend.

Scope out store prices for competitors

You can also make money by going into stores and scanning barcodes of products using your phone. This data is collected by competitors that are eager to know prices of products in other stores. You won’t make a lot of money from scanning a single item, but if you’re scanning lots of items every time you visit a store, the money can soon accumulate and it can become a fun little form of extra income (you’re literally making money from shopping without having to buy anything).


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