What To Do When Blogging Isn’t Getting The Results You Want

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Whether you’re somebody who wants to make it as a blogger full time, or somebody who wants to create a successful blog to go with their company website, it can be really frustrating when you’re giving it your all and not getting anything back.

This isn’t that uncommon, however. Many new bloggers tend to make mistakes. It’s not as easy as writing a new blog post every few days and crossing your fingers! If your attempt at blogging isn’t getting you the results you really want, read on to find out what you should do:

Come Up With Niche Topics

If your blog isn’t getting results, chances are, your topics have been too narrow/broad. A super targeted blog will get better results. Ask yourself, how can you make your blog a better space for those interested in a specific segment of the market?

You can also ask yourself questions when looking at past blog topics: could you write about this forever and not get bored? Will you be able to come up with new topics regularly, or will you be rehashing the same old stuff?

A niche topic may attract a smaller group of people, but the people reading will be far more likely to come back again and again. Just make sure it’s something you’re genuinely knowledgeable about!

Don’t Make It All About You

Your writing should provide value to your audience if you want results. This is not a diary. Of course you can mention personal experiences if they enhance a point you’re making, but you need to remember that the things you write about are primarily for your readers. Your audience will disappear if you’re too focused on yourself when putting your posts together!

Boost Your SEO 

Work on ways to boost your SEO so that you can get in Google’s good books. A cheap vps is totally fine as long as it’s trustworthy. If you don’t have a good host, then you won’t even be able to compete with small blog sites. You can also boost your SEO by varying content length, ensuring proper formatting, providing endless value, and including keywords after thorough research.

Link Out To Popular Sites (And Let Them Know)

Linking out to popular sites could potentially help you to get a link back if you show the site owner that you included them in your post. This is more likely to work when your post is informative and valuable. Low quality links aren’t good for anybody, business, blogger, or otherwise.

Just Ask Your Readers What They Want

Tried everything and still feel confused? Just ask your readers what they want. Get feedback and see what people say. You may need to switch things up a little or make big changes. As long as you know exactly who your audience is, you should take what they say and do something with it.

How will you make sure you start getting better results from your blogging efforts? Leave your own thoughts and ideas below!


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