How To Assist The Younger Generation With Living Healthier Lives

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If you want to stop your teen child/sibling/friend from doing things that are bad for their health then it really should begin with learning how to talk to them about the dangers of smoking, drinking, drugs etc. Often when they pick up a habit it starts innocently enough but it soon becomes a problem. Smoking has increased in recent years and more younger people are starting to smoke and live less healthy lifestyles, which isn’t too smart during the Covid 19 crisis.

  1. Start by Understanding Why They Are Doing This

It’s very common that teenagers will rebel against their parents and to fit in easier with their peers. Other teenagers will use smoking to control their weight. Another very common reason that they’re attracted to smoking is that it makes them feel cool or independent and grown up.

Make sure to speak with your children about this topic and ask if they have any friends that are already smoking. If you find your teenager is making good choices make sure to applaud them for it and remind them of the consequences of making bad choices. As well as these things, you can also let them know that tobacco companies are businesses that try to influence potential customers by placing advertisements and paying movie stars to smoke so that doing so looks to be glamorous when it’s something that is damaging to your health.

  1. Be A Good Example

The most typical teen who begins smoking comes from a family whose parents also smoke. If you smoke and you want to help play a part in preventing your teen from doing so, then you should consider quitting. The sooner you do so, the more likely it is that your teenager will refrain from trying a cigarette for the first time.  If you’re having difficulty quitting, then consult with a doctor to see if they can help – or talk to them on the phone, as we move through the Covid crisis

  1. Try to Appeal to Help Them 

It’s a good tactic to remind your child that smoking leaves you and your clothes smelling bad as well as turning your fingers yellow. It will bring early aging and wrinkling to your skin and leave your breath smelling bad. It gets into your hair and makes it smell and can turn teeth yellow. It often causes a person to develop a chronic cough and it reduces your energy levels and often segregates you from many fun activities. You can also think about encouraging them to take time to do other things, hobbies and sports such as:

  • Sports – from swimming to baseball, having a hobby and sport will give them a chance to appreciate their health and to feel their fitness improving. 
  • Gaming – with rc cars, they can put their mind to creating kits that will bring cars and tricks to life, it gives them a way to build new skills. 
  • Charity work – giving back is great for the mind and will assist kids in feeling as if they are worthy of something more. 
  • Creative work – making things, being crafty and getting involved can also help greatly with giving them a better lifestyle.

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