4 Signs Of Relationship Compatibility

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People say that for a relationship to work out, the partners have to be compatible. But that’s not to say you have to find a partner that a hundred percent similar to you. You don’t have to ask your matchmaker to scour Washington, DC for someone with similar interests as you, so you can have a happy and successful relationship.

Compatibility is measured by how much two people work well together, capable of understanding each other and enjoying each other’s company. And we all know that there are types of people we are just not comfortable with, no matter how long we’ve known them. So how do you know that you and your partner are compatible? Here are some tell-tale signs.

You are open to each other.

A relationship is about sharing things and being comfortable doing so. After all, sharing your life with someone involves sharing your ups and downs, as well as secrets. Honesty and communication are two essential pillars in a relationship. And being open to your partner is a symbol of trust and comfort in each other. If you and your partner can openly discuss matters, whether small or big, then it’s a sign of compatibility.

You don’t want to change anything about them.

In most relationships, we hear a lot about how one partner wants the other to change. It can be a specific action or personality trait. Often, people feel like they can only accept someone else if they have a particular characteristic that they desire.

But a real sign of compatibility is respecting your partner as an individual, regardless of how they act, talk, or think. You’re compatible if you don’t wish to change your partner and instead accept them for who they are. You might think they don’t portray their emotions very well, but you love them regardless.

You share common interests.

We did say that you and your partner don’t have to be completely alike because similarities do not equate to compatibility. Nevertheless, it would still be ideal to have some sort of common interest. Studies show that people are naturally attracted to people who are like them, and this would explain why couples often have one or two similarities.

Simple things like you and your partner being both bookworms or sharing the same taste in music can impact your relationship positively. That’s because these shared interests come from similar backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, which translate to a deeper and more meaningful bond.

You include each other in your plans.

There comes a time in a person’s life when they just get tired of games and wish to finally settle down. We want a partner who we see ourselves spending lives with. An indicator that you and your partner both see a future together is when you include each other in your plans.

Maybe you want to buy a house in a particular neighborhood someday. Is your partner part of that long-term goal of yours? If they are, then it’s proof that you see yourself with them for the years to come. This shows that you are confident in your relationship with each other.

It may not be a hundred percent important to be completely similar to your partner. But at the very least, two people should be compatible to have a successful relationship.


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