Quarantine Blues? These Top Tips Can Keep You Going At Home

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Depending on where you live, the likelihood is that you’ll be stuck inside on your own or with family on lock down. Any novelty might have worn off. Most don’t like to admit it but being home with your hobbies and pastimes, with some quality time to spend with family was likely enjoyed. As the weeks rush by this feeling edges away. The blues might soon sink in. You can’t see friends. Wider family, or do the things you used to before the lock down kicked in. The four walls of your home might be starting to look more and more prison-like as the days tick by. Yet there are ways you can stave off this unwelcome feeling. Each person goes about it in different ways. Yet, there are some universal things you can try to make your time at home go a little easier. You might have tried some of them, with varying degrees of success. See if there are ones you haven’t tried yet and whether they can help you out. Even if they don’t, they might move your mind into thinking of other pastimes which can help you get out of your slump.

Plan Ahead

Sometimes, when nothing will do it’s good to think ahead to the time when there will be things for you to do. You can think about the things you used to love and how you can get back into them. This might mean getting your kit ready, or even buying the kit in the first place. For example, if you’re into golf, you might use a rockbottomgolf coupon code to help fit you out. If you like football, think about buying some new shoes. It might not sound too effective, but buying the items you need will make you feel good and like you’re making the first few steps towards the time when you can finally pursue your hobbies. You might even be able to get ahead of the curve and start booking sessions. When the lock down eases you can be sure everyone will be flooding to their favorite hobbies. Get ahead of them and see if you can book early. You might not be able to, especially if they’re completely closed for business. You might be able to contact someone who can do it for you though, but you’ll be playing a guessing game around when they’re going to reopen and lock down ends.

Focus On Your Health

When’s been a better time to really focus on your health? You can get into the shape you always wanted to. It just takes a little bit of discipline on your part. It’s hard to get serious about it when you have so many distractions. This could be in the form of children, or other hobbies such as the TV easy in reach. This is why discipline is so important when you’re looking to get fit. You can start out small and easy. Go for long walks each day. As they progress, start challenging yourself a bit more. Make them a little longer. Or, choose walks which have more hill elements to them. Once this is done and you feel confident, you can look into starting to run instead. It’s way harder, but the same applies to walking. Start slow and easy. If you think this might be a little boring, you can consider cycling instead. The initial outlay might be a little prohibitive, but it’s a great way to get started with keeping fit. You might even want to bring some of your family into the exercise. Try and hash a routine out so everyone can take part. If along the way you get serious about getting into some form of shape, then you might want to start looking at your diet too. The two combined is a sure way to lose weight.


It’s hard to find time to read when you’re busy with life. Yet, now is the perfect time to devote some time to reading. There are dozens of genres to choose from. Maybe you already have a few you want to read. You might have seen one or two previously and noted them down. Otherwise enjoy taking time to check out what kinds you can go for. Non-fiction books are just as good. Assign a few hours a day and broaden your mind. If you’re not one for reading, think about using audio books. They can allow you to get on with a task or activity while still listening to a book. It’s not the same experience and it may narrow down your choice a little. But today, most top tier books and best sellers have some great narration to go with them. So long as they’re not decades old. Even then, you can find older books brought to life with stellar narration.

Get Into Gaming

A great way to pass some time. It can also be done with friends. There’s a huge social aspect to gaming these days and playing with friends can be a great way to socialize when you’re stuck in the house. It can also be a great way to bring the family together and have some fun. The initial cost can be prohibitive if you haven’t got a console. However, try getting a second hand one for now to see if you like it and will give time to playing, otherwise it’s a waste of money. There are a tonne of different games. There are many genres to choose from too, suitable for all different ages in the family. It might be that your children game and you’ve never tried. Give it a go. Dispel the stigma, it’s no different to watching the TV for a few hours. In fact it’s better due to the fact it can enhance reflexes. There are new consoles coming out towards the end of the year so you may get a good price on a current console if you buy at the right time. Give it some research first. There are different consoles on different platforms, make sure your friends use the same.