DIY Tips And Tricks For Beginners

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Not everyone is a natural at DIY, but learning to do some basic repairs and other work around your home can help you to maintain your home yourself, saving you money on calling a handyman. Knowing how to look after your home yourself is also satisfying, and can be a bit of a confidence boost. Here are some easy DIY tips and tricks for beginners to get you started on the path to becoming a DIY expert.

Invest In Tools

You can’t do any DIY without the right tools. Turn your garage into a storeroom for good quality tools, so you always have the right tools on hand for any task you need to do at home. If you don’t know where to start, read reviews of different tools online like the WrenchGuy worm drive saw reviews, or visit a DIY store and ask an employee to walk you through the basics of what tools you should start off with and how to use them correctly and safely. 

Don’t Take On Too much

When you’re still a DIY beginner, don’t take on too big a task. Start with small things, like tightening a loose cupboard door, replace a door handle, or hanging a mirror. Don’t leap straight into a big job like building your own bookcase. If you bite off more than you can chew too soon, things are bound to go wrong, and you’ll end up with a DIY disaster on your hands. If this happens, you’ll have the embarrassment and the money spending of having to call in a professional to put right the damage you’ve done. 

Look For Classes

Many DIY stores offer free classes on DIY basics, such as proper tool technique, hanging pictures, or repairing a leaky tap. See if a store near you offers these and take advantage if they do. You can learn some easy skills that will be useful in your home, but be sure you’re getting it right. If you can’t find any classes, there are lots of DIY tutorials online. Look for videos on YouTube to guide you through a job, and make sure you know what you’re doing before you start. If you have a friend or a family member who is handy with a toolkit, you could ask them to teach you some of their skills. If you’re taking on a new DIY task, ask your more skilled friend if they’ll do it with you, so you can get the job done properly and learn how to do it by yourself next time. 

Store Your Tools Properly

Any good workman should take care of his tools. Tools of any quality aren’t cheap, so don’t waste your money by letting your tools get dirty and rusty. After you’ve used them, make sure each tool is clean and put away properly. Tools are also a popular target for thieves, so store your tools securely. Most people keep tools in a shed or garage, so make sure it has a secure door you can lock.


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