5 Must Have Gadgets For Your Man Cave

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You might not be all that big on home decor, but when it comes to your man cave, it’s well worth putting in the effort to spruce it up. First things first when you’re improving this room, it’s simply all about the gadgets. These five are a great starting point to create a room that’s relaxing, fun and pretty slick too.

1 . App Robots

No man cave is quite complete without at least one robot, one of the most popular ones out there right now is the ‘MIP’. You can drive the robot around, get it to hold your soda cans, battle other robots, or dance to a playlist on your smartphone. It’s simple to control your MIP robot via an app, it responds to gestures whether claps, swipes or touch. The sound detection features even allow the robot to respond to the noises in its surroundings.

  1. Voice-controlled lighting

With an Amazon Alexa and smart lights, you can turn your lights on and off using just your voice. If that doesn’t sound up your street, why not try some classy lights like some 110v led strips? LED strip lights are just perfect for a man cave; you can operate them via remote control and choose whichever color takes your fancy. The right lighting is essential to create the ultimate chilled vibe.

  1. Smart beer tap

So your beer fridge is well stocked, and you’re wondering how you can make your drinking sessions even cooler? The answer lies in a smart beer tap. You can also get smart beer brewing machines; one example is the ‘MiniBrew Craft’. It’s effortless to use, controlling both the fermentation and the brewing process. From the mini brew app, you can control all of your brewing needs. With a go on this nifty machine, you’ll be a craft beer expert in no time.

  1. Virtual reality headset

Virtual reality has well and truly arrived to make your gaming experience a whole lot more fun. There are plenty of Virtual Reality Headsets out there to choose from, it all just depends on how much cash you are willing to part with. HTC’s Vive comes with two motion controllers, two base stations and a headset to create a VR area out of the whole room. The headset can monitor your movements in a 10-foot space, as opposed to just from where you are sitting. The Oculus Rift remains one of the most popular VR devices, and it actually has a higher-res when compared with the HTC Vive.

  1. Robot vacuum cleaner

Bring in more robots! When it comes to cleaning the man cave, there’s no need to lift a finger. Robot vacuum cleaners work automatically, you switch them on, and they travel around the floor, sucking up all the dust and dirt. The Roborock S6 is a top option if you’re looking to get yourself one. This robo- vac offers all the features you could ask for including smart connectivity, zoned cleaning, scheduling and even mopping.

With all these editions you’ll soon have the cave of your dreams. All you’ll need now is a smart lock to keep all these lovely gadgets safe and sound.


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