Outdoors Gear for Gadget Lovers

We hope that everyone is safe and is doing their part to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families. Due to COVID-19, we know that most of you may not be able to get outside and enjoy the outdoors the way you would hope to but hopefully in the near future, we can all get outside and enjoy the outdoors again.

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Did you know that hiking or backpacking in the great outdoors is probably perfect for the average gadget enthusiast? Of course, 80% of it is about being outdoors, putting in the physical exercise, and just enjoying your surroundings. There is this 20% that is all about careful planning, preparation, having good gear, and being generally inventive. And it’s that last 20% where geeks shine. Here is a rundown of some of the topics that will get your heart racing and your imagination running wild.

Portable Power

Although you might be going for a digital detox, you still might want some portable (and maybe even renewable) power on the go to provide light, warmth, and maybe even power a stove. There are plenty of great options out there that combine portability with capacity. You will want to look out of the amount of mAH (amps x hours) and the voltage it can support. The mAH tells you how much energy it can store, and the voltage gives you an idea of what it can power. 

You will also want to look for characteristics such as ruggedness and safety features that protect against overcharging. Some portable power equipment also comes with renewable power generation options such as solar or wind/water. The first one obviously being reliant on sunlight whilst the other usually will have some form of blades/rotors that can be used to utilize the power of a stream of water or the wind blowing.

Basic Gear

You will need good gear to sort out your basic needs. We are talking about good boots, waterproof jackets, breathable clothing. You will want your clothes to be durable, versatile, and light. There is plenty of tech and innovation in this area to fill a few backpacks and then some. Talking about backpacks, this might be the most challenging and research-heavy piece of gear. It’s such an essential piece of kit. You don’t want to go too big as you won’t be able to carry it. 

You also don’t want to go too small as there is so much you want to take. What size of water container do you want to take along? Some people settle on one large backpack, others pack a smaller daypack. It’s entirely up to you. Any geek will probably research, ponder, and weigh options for about 3 weeks before making a decision, so start your search early on!

Creature Comforts

Besides just having good gear that is breathable, waterproof, and rugged, you might also want to think about your own creature comforts. The great outdoors is best enjoyed whilst you feel comfortable yourself. And it could be small things. Such as a portable espresso maker to have a good cup of coffee whilst enjoying majestic views. It could be a portable shower because being out in the wild doesn’t mean you have surrendered yourself to looking (and smelling) like a cave dweller. 

You have portable showers that can even provide warm water. It could also be comfortable heated gloves that will eliminate having to think your hands are freezing off and allow you to fully enjoy your hiking or backpacking adventures. It could also be an ultra foldable camping chair that allows you to sit comfortably after a day of trekking. It’s the small things that matter that make your adventure so much more enjoyable. It’s these small things where a technology geek could go nuts on finding interesting products and innovations. This makes the anticipation and preparation for a trip a lot cooler and exciting.

The Big Gear

And then there is the big gear. We are talking tents, mobile cooking stations, portable fire pits, stoves, sleeping bags, hammocks, and did we mention tents? There is literally no shortage of mobile cooking solutions from your basic mini kitchens to grilling solutions that look like they came from a high-end restaurant. If you can fish, then you can live that farm to table life without a problem (bring the foil). 

Sleeping bags come in different varieties depending on how cold you expect it’s going to be. Portable hammock solutions that offer non-destructive and easy to fit methods to get your feet up in no time. Obviously, for those expecting warmer climates, although you could try it in more northern hemispheres granted, you are bringing warm blankets. And the options for different tents are endless. 

Sleeping one person or sleeping eight? Are you expecting high winds? How insulated do you want to be? How quickly do you want to be able to set up? These, and many more questions you will need to answer to find the right gear for you. Somehow it seems that this isn’t necessarily a problem for a geek.

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