Moving Past The Challenges Of Fatherhood

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Fatherhood, like manhood, can be a tricky concept to fully explore and explain. There are many schools of thought on either topic. Manhood, for instance, is increasingly being reduced to the point where masculine traits can sometimes be seen as overbearing and brash, instead of a healthy, honorable means of raising young boys to have integrity and hardworking vision. The proponents of this will often forget that there’s no reason why femininity is also in possession of these traits, and that life isn’t a battle between the sexes but is at its best when people work together and respect one another’s presence.

There’s something to be said for fatherhood in that context, also. Every man gets to decide what it means for himself, but he can do that within the parameters excellent and timeless wisdom. However, like any strength, it’s sometimes best explored when tested and challenged. To that end, moving past the challenges of fatherhood can be a topic worthy of exploration, especially for the young Dads out there. It’s this we hope to discuss:

Protecting Your Family

Protecting your family to the extent that you can is important, and it’s important to remain strong for them. This means carefully ensuring your home is secure through the best home repair, through installing careful security implements, and generally being observant. Unfortunately, it can also be that remaining observant and continually strong in the presence of danger is a reparative issue, as recent boy scout abuse cases have brought to light. Keep an active and attentive role in the life of your children, and remember that you are their rock. The more you can occupy that role, the better equipped you’ll be as a father.

Communicative & Open

Remaining communicative and open with your family can be an important, as many fathers, strong and silent, can often neglect to be on the most attentive social terms with their children. Develop those strong bonds. Take your children fishing, or speak to them about troubles at school. Be sure to include your children in your hobbies, even if it’s just your child watching you work on your classic car restoration and handing you a wrench once in a while. This is how new fatherhood can be defined, not through impartiality and being called ‘sir,’ but by remaining communicative.

Remaining Strong & Considerate

We can often see strength as a locked-off and selfish, but that’s not the case. Being strong for your family means being there, and listening to them, and guiding them, and setting firm boundaries. The more you can do this, and not simply hope to be the ‘friendly Dad’ while your spouse takes care of the discipline or vice versa, you’ll be in a better position as a father. Additionally, don’t be afraid to draw strength from your family. All fathers need support from time to time, and ignoring that fact can only lead to trouble.

With this advice, we hope you can easily move past the challenges of fatherhood.

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