Top 10 Tips To Choose Healthy Alcoholic Drinks

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A night out with the squad feels good until that ‘just one drink’ turns into a cycle of repeating drinks and the hangover kicks in, the next morning. Then you utter the magical phrase, “I am never drinking again”. Of course, we all know that ‘never’ is just a week away. Alcohol is a big no-no while trying to stay healthy and fit. That doesn’t imply that you need to completely cut down alcohol to keep up with your diet and training. According to a few recent studies, moderate alcohol consumption has its own set of benefits. Remember, the goal is not to overindulge and to make smart choices when it comes to alcohol consumption. 

  1. Enjoy Light Beer

Beer has high sugar levels, as it is made using a variety of grains that are rich in carbs. So you might end up increasing the blood sugar levels and gaining way too many calories with a regular craft beer. You can avoid that if you indulge in some of the light beers that have almost 40% fewer calories than a regular beer. That makes an enormous difference if you are one of those who love to enjoy a chilled corona premier at least once a week.

  1. Try Tequila

The risk of increasing blood sugar levels when consuming tequila is almost none. The reason is simple: tequila, vodka, gin, and white rum do not have carbs. This means it’s a big no for the dark liquors. Tequila is a safe bet as it has the least amount of calories. The only natural sugars present in tequila are agavins, which act as insoluble fibers. Intake of such fibers does not even affect the body metabolism. Next time when you hit the club, don’t hesitate to relish some tequila shots.

  1. No Sweetened Mixers

Evading sweetened mixers like soda is as essential as avoiding alcohol with high sugar levels. Most of the mixers, such as cola and tonic, have high sugar levels, so when paired with alcohol can cause increased damage to the liver. It’s always good to avoid seltzers as well. Try and savor a vodka drink with fresh lemon or lime juice to keep it plain and simple. What’s a cocktail when you cannot have some control over the content? When you use curated and natural ingredients, the result is an enhanced flavor your taste buds will love.  With craft cocktails, you can enjoy a sugar-free mixture that is healthy for your liver and body. So, whether you prefer cocktails from the 1920s or modern times, you will always have the option to create tailor-made unsweetened drinks.

Choose Virgin Mojito

It might not be all fun compared to a glass of whiskey with cola, but it sure is a healthy option. In fact, it has fewer sugar levels than regular cola. All the contents of a virgin mojito such as seltzer, fresh lime, syrup, and mint contain a tiny amount of added sugar. Moreover, the mint and the lime could be an added touch of nutrition, considering the anti-oxidant properties.

  1. Choose an Amaretto Sour

Sorry, all the Long Island Iced Tea fans, but it is better off the table if you wish to make healthy lifestyle changes. You can get your hands on an amaretto sour as it contains fewer calories compared to the prior option. While LIIT (8 ounces) contains 780 calories and an amaretto sour (8 ounces) contains only 560 calories, plus it gives you the same sweet and sour flavor anyway.

  1. Indulge in Champagne

The sparkling white wine (champagne) is a safe bet since it comprises fewer calories compared to a regular white wine and even a beer. The ‘ultra brut’ champagnes have fewer calories than a bottle of regular champagne, which can save you from a nasty hangover the next morning.

  1. Red Wine  

Believe it or not, red wine proves to be beneficial in many ways when consumed in moderation. The high concentration of an antioxidant in red wine known as resveratrol makes it good for the heart. It helps decrease the damage of blood vessels, therefore reducing bad cholesterol in the body. Despite the benefits, keep in mind to consume red wine in moderation.

  1. Avoid Frozen Margarita

The best way to choose healthy alcoholic drinks is to avoid the frozen stuff, be it frozen margaritas or frozen Coladas. Go for a margarita on the rocks, instead of a frozen one, even during vacations.

  1. The Sea Breeze Is A Savior

A sea breeze is a much healthier and refreshing drink you can get your hands on. When made correctly, it only contains 180 calories. The best recipe would be to add 4 ounces of grape juice, 1 ounce of vodka, and 1.5 ounces of cranberry juice to make it amazingly refreshing and healthy.

  1. Stick To Bloody Mary

A bloody mary can provide a few nutritional values and is also a low-calorie drink with lesser alcohol content. The tomato juice provides some excellent nutrients such as potassium, lycopene, and Vitamin C. Top it up with some fresh olives, and it does the job.

These are the top tips to choose healthy alcoholic drinks. Despite the fact that many alcoholic drinks provide several nutritional values and might help in reducing the risk of liver and heart damage, remember to consume alcohol in moderation to stay healthy.


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