7 Occasions In Life To Celebrate With A Cigar

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I used to smoke cigars more often but over time, those opportunities became few and far between. This got me thinking that I would smoke them on certain occasions. Some occasions are worth feeling good about, but then some occasions are worth celebrating with a cigar. It may sound like a cliche, but there is something magical about having a cigar with your closest friends to celebrate each other’s successes in life.

While occasionally people do take up cigar smoking as a regular occurrence, these days, many people tend to reserve them for a special occasion. If you are looking for something for those momentous episodes in your life, the having a cigar like a Montecristo No. 3 is a great cigar for that.

On The Birth Of A Child

When your partner has just given birth, and after everything has settled a bit, grab yourself a few minutes with your closest friends and family and have a cigar. Smoking a cigar after the birth of a baby is more of a symbolic act. You’re about to enter a new world of responsibility. Gather those that have gone through it before around you, and you can listen to their experienced words.


Whether it is your wedding, or that of a very close friend, celebrating with a cigar is a right of passage that should be done.

Again, sharing a cigar with those you are closest to is not necessarily about the smoking. It is the marking of a passing life milestone, and there is no better way to do this than with your best friends.

Bachelor Party

Of course, there are far worse things that can be done at a bachelor party. Smoking cigars together marks a sophisticated send off for you or your closest friend.


Mark the completion of your annual trip around the sun with a cigar. As long as you have already had the necessary legal amount of birthday’s required, smoking a cigar once a year on the anniversary of your birth can make the occasion feel more special. Sometimes it’s nice to have these little rituals in life.

New Year’s Eve

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one represents the potential for a renewed start in life, it is also a chance to reflect on how the last twelve months have gone for you.  Enjoy a cigar to celebrate as a new year starts and mark the closing of the previous year.

Earning A Promotion

Whether you have earned a promotion or a good friend, it is time to bring out the cigars. You may also want to smoke a cigar with friends and close work colleagues if you have secured a major deal, sold something big, or completed a major work project. Celebrating success is important as it makes you feel great about yourself and builds confidence. Celebrate those successes.

Poker Night

A poker night would not be a poker night without whiskey, dimmed lights, and cigars. Of course, this is not really a monumental life moment. But, it’s still something that it could be argued is entirely necessary.


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