Some Grooming Tips To Get You Ready For Spring

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Although many men swear by their routines, grooming needs vary based on seasonal changes. Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors and spend time with loved ones. But with the sunnier season comes cold weather recovery and adjustment to humidity changes. In order to keep your skin hydrated and clear this spring, you need to take some preventative steps and prep your grooming routine.

Here are four easy, affordable and beneficial ways to protect your look from the most common springtime effects on your body. Use them to spring clean your look and stay ahead of whatever the season has to throw at you.

Prep For Seasonal Hair Loss

Springtime often means some seasonal hair loss for several reasons. If you spent the winter outdoors in the bitter elements, your hair may begin to feel the long-term effects of exposure to cold temperatures and thin air. Often, hair turns brittle and follicles extra-sensitive; so by the time spring rolls around, you might be facing some hair loss. Additionally, losing sleep during Daylight Savings can cause stress-induced hair loss. To prevent any avoidable thinning, be sure you’re protecting your scalp when it’s at its weakest; don’t comb your hair when wet, and always use a heat protectant when using styling tools.

If you notice that your hairline is continuing to recede even in late spring, your issue may not be a seasonal one– it could be male pattern baldness. Speak with a doctor to determine the root cause and be prescribed proper treatment, like finasteride, that works to stop hair loss and prevent any future thinning so you can enter the summer season with confidence.

Drink more water

The drastic temperature changes in spring– from the bitter cold of winter to the blazing heat of summer– can dehydrate your body and wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Water not only helps your body regulate its internal temperature more regularly during this shift, but it also moisturizes your body from the inside out. Drinking water helps the body flush toxins and bacteria from its systems, cleansing your skin and preventing future breakouts. Additionally, it helps circulate nutrients to your hair to ensure your locks stay healthy and full.

During springtime, be sure you’re drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, and more if you’re exercising intensively. This will help your body maintain its look throughout the entire season and prevent the negative effects of the environmental changes.

Cut back on beard oil

While beard oil should always be a part of your grooming routine, the amount you use should vary based on seasonal needs. Typically, as spring progresses, the air becomes more humid which keeps your beard, and the skin underneath, more moisturized. Therefore, using too much beard oil can make your facial hair look greasy and cause acne.

Instead, try to only use 2-3 drops of oil for the entire beard at the start of spring, then experiment from there to determine what works best for you. Then, finish off your springtime beard with a shampoo to ensure the warmer temperatures don’t cause any odors.

Try out a facial spray

If spring showers are cutting back your sun exposure, your skin may be suffering. The vitamin C and D that sunlight provides help your skin regenerate cells, prevent wrinkles and glow. Therefore, a lack of sunlight during the first weeks of spring can cause your skin to dull. Consider adding an energizing facial spray that’s packed with vitamins and antioxidants to your morning routine to subsidize sunlight and keep your face fresh.

Then, consider getting outside on sunny days as much as possible. This will naturally boost your energy levels and keep your skin clear. Just be sure to use a sunscreen with high SPF to protect your skin long-term. Or, if you live in a particularly cloudy or rainy area, you could also invest in a sun lamp to simulate sunlight indoors.

These are some of the easiest and most effective ways to customize your grooming routine for springtime, but it’s also important that you personalize these tips for your own needs. Take this advice and customize it for your own needs this season!

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