Want To Get Into Sports? Try These Out

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A lot of men love sports. However, due to time constraints and family commitments it can be really tough to find the time to participate. It can be done. With a little jiggling around of priorities and a commitment to finding some time you can join a local sport outfit or go out on your own. Even if you haven’t got friends to do it with there are loads of solo sports you can get involved with. Sometimes it’s really hard trying to find the right sport for you. It’s also hard when you have to cut back on other hobbies or pastimes, such as gaming or reading. The plus with sports is that it doubles as exercise. If you already go to the gym you can cut it back a little. If you need to get the exercise anyway then cutting back might be great for your health and even your mental wellbeing. These tips can help you decide what kind of sport is best for you and can give you some ideas around what you would like to pursue.


A game of skill and patience. Golf has a wide learning curve for people who want to get the most out of the game, but is also great for beginners just starting out. If you enjoy it you can consider getting some lessons, you’ll be sharing your best putting tips before you know it. The best thing about Golf is that you can get into it yourself. It’s usually known as a sport for rich people, but there are different membership levels at varying clubs. You might also hear people saying that Golf isn’t proper exercise but you’ll do a lot of walking, more than you expect. If you’re not sure you’ll like it, you can spend some time at the driving range or even a putting green. This sport is a great one if you’ve got hand eye coordination.


A great team sport. Its contact based, but without the smash and grab of other contact sports. It’s a great choice if you’ve got a team of players you know, or if there are a bunch of you who want to join a team. You can mix socialising with playing soccer. If you can’t quite find a team, you could always set up your own five aside team. Easier to manage. There’s a lot less commitment in terms of equipment too, with you only needing your boots. If you’re an older gent too there’s no need to skip over this tip. There are a lot of leagues aimed at different age ranges culminating in straight up walking soccer.


Another one for the team sports with more of an individualistic slant. If you think baseball may be a little intense you could always try a form of softball instead. There are usually different kinds of leagues you can get involved with and likely no equipment commitment in the place of a small fee each time you play. The learning curve isn’t too broad either, with different leagues centred around varying ages and talents.


If playing isn’t your kind of thing then don’t let that keep you away. You could always coach or help coach. This might range from a local seniors football team to a little league baseball side. Coaching means you can put your sporting acumen to the test, while sharing your knowledge with people eager to learn. If you don’t want to be the outright coach you could also consider merely helping out with your local team. This could be by being their treasurer or someone who handles pitch booking or other administrative tasks.


Very much like golf, tennis is a single sport but one you can’t play on your own. You need an opponent. That’s why tennis is great if you’ve got a friend who wants to join a sport too. You can both start out with lessons at a local club and from there start booking courts for your own enjoyment. You can play doubles too for an easier, slower paced version of the game. There are a lot of health clubs that offer tennis or similar sports like squash or badminton. They’re a great way of keeping fit with an easy learning curve. You can usually rent the equipment but at an entry level they’re not that expensive. You’ll also have to rent the court too, another expense but if you play doubles you can split this four ways. Unlike some sports, it’s not something you can just set up and go with, as the right kind of court is important so that the ball bounces properly.

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