5 Major Mistakes That Are Letting Down Your Look (& What To Do About Them)

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It used to be that as a man about town, we needed to only worry about having a few good suits, and a regular shave and our work was done. Unfortunately, the situation is far from simple these days, with so many different factors needing to be just right if we are to pull off a cohesive and successful look. Happily, you can find out about the most important aspects below, as well as the common mistakes us guys often make in these areas. Something that can help you to resolve them and ensure you look your best at all times.

Poor facial grooming 

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you will know that a significant fashion for men right now are beards. In fact, from designer stubble to the full and bushy beard, facial hair is most definitely en-vogue.

Of course, what that means is while there are a great number of guys that get this right, there will be an equal number that aren’t taking their facial grooming seriously enough. This being something that can really let down their whole look.

With that in mind, it is imperative to trim your beard into a shape that suits your face, regularly. While just letting it grow any way it’s likes is not recommended. Additionally combing, and washing your beard and moustache is vital, if you are to look (and smell) clean and fresh. Oh, and adding a little oil to your beard to keep it manageable and shiny never does any harm either!

The wrong haircut

Imagine buying a hat that you never took off. You sure would invest a decent amount of money and time in such an item, wouldn’t you? After all, you would always be seen in it no matter what you are doing.

Well, that is precisely the case for your hair. Yet, some people still think that cutting their own or going to a cheap barber is perfectly acceptable. In fact, it really isn’t because your hairstyle says so much about you, and really can be the crowning glory of your look.

To that end, it is definitely worth doing a little research before you go to your next hair appointment. Particularly in terms of the styles that suit your face shape. In fact, if you can take a picture of what you want with you, you may avoid any issues further down the line.

You may also wish to consider upgrading your current barber or hairdresser for someone a little more cutting edge. Yes, you may have to pay a little extra. Still, the experience will likely be more pleasant. You are also more likely to come out with the cut that not only look great but is easy to maintain until your next appointment as well. Something that will keep you looking your best at all times.

A less than perfect smile

Many a man has wooed a mate with their roguish smile. However, if your chompers are less than perfect, they may be letting down your entire look. In fact, good teeth give the unspoken message that the owner cares about themselves and has good personal hygiene. They also indicate that the person attached to the teeth is affluent enough to make sure that their smile reflects this. All things that can really give you an edge in confidence when going about your daily life.

With that in mind, it is vital to deal with any dental issues that you have. One in particular that can be problematic is crooked teeth, something that can usually be corrected with the use of a brace. In fact, the good news here is that braces can now be fixed to the inside of your teeth and even come in invisible version. Something that means you don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of your look to make such improvements.

Additionally, missing teeth can ruin a smile in an instant, and so also need to be addressed, if you wish to look your best. Happily, there are multiple options to consider here. The first being dental implants which are fitted into the jaw bone and create realistic look replacements.

Unfortunately, the problem with implants is that there are not only quite invasive but can also be expensive as well. Happily, there is another an affordable alternative to replace your teeth for you to consider. Of course, it’s to go for a dental bridge. A treatment that can replace missing teeth, even if the bone underneath is eroded, thus giving you a gorgeous and winning smile to complete your look.

The worst shoes 

Finally, when it comes to your look, every detail matters even your shoes. In fact, you can place things in every other category, but if you don’t pick the right footwear, your look won’t gel correctly.

Of course, there are lots of different things to think about when picking shoes. The first being the style you will go for. That is formal styles like brogues go best with suits, while less formal boat shoes or desert boots are the right choices for when you are sporting khakis or cords. if you pick a high-end brand

Now, you may be wondering about where all the others type of shoes fit in like trainers, work boots and flip flops? Well, the latter need to be limited to around the pool or on the beach. While work boots can be worn in one of two situations. The first is obviously if you work in a place that needs them, such as on a construction site. While the second is if you are going for a more edgy street look and want to combine them with jeans.

Finally, training shoes can be something of a minefield. Therefore it’s often best to keep them limited to the track or the gym. Although if you pick a high-end brand, or a designer version, matching with jeans can be successful. Just as long as the rest of your outfit reinforces the look you’re aiming for.


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