The Online RPGs That Went From PC to Mobile

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Online role-playing games have been a staple for many PC gamers. With the popularity of World of Warcraft, Everquest and even games before it such as RuneScape, it was almost unheard of to own a PC and not at least dabble in some kind of online roleplaying game. However, the gamers that played MMORPGs back in the day have largely moved on, switching to more convenient experiences such as console games and even mobile games that don’t require much time investment.

Unfortunately for us gamers, the days of thinking hours into an online RPG have returned.

Recently, developers have realized that many older PC gamers no longer have time throughout the day to sit down and play their games. That’s why they’ve switched their focus to creating mobile experiences instead, and this has also extended to online RPGs. So in this article, we’re going to embark on a trip down memory lane and show you some of the top MMORPGs that have made the switch from PC to mobile.

Lineage 2 Revolution

Lineage 2 was one of the most popular MMORPGs to be released from Korea back in 2003. It was truly a revolutionary game that featured large-scale player-versus-player combat and played-owned territories that could be fought over. It captured the hearts of many players and still enjoys a lot of success today.

A mobile version titled Lineage 2 Revolution was released back in 2016. While it’s not an exact copy of the game from the past, it’s still a fantastic port that will hit you with nostalgia thanks to all of the recognizable classes, locations and familiar gameplay mechanics.


RuneScape has gone through many iterations, but perhaps the most controversial was the Evolution of Combat update in 2012 that divided the player base in half. Many older players disliked the streamlined gameplay that felt more like World of Warcraft than RuneScape. Players feared the game would lose its identity, but luckily, an old school server was launched that brought the game back to the version that was most popular with gamers. Nowadays, old school RuneScape is enjoying massive success.

If you’ve not played RuneScape since your childhood, then you’d be glad to know that there are options to buy money in old school RuneScape to speed up your progress and get back into the swing of it. While buying gold was seen as taboo in the early days of MMORPGs, games have introduced legitimate ways to “buy” power in games. These mechanics are often designed for people that simply don’t have time to grind up power and money, and it’s a very convenient system if you work a full-time job.


This cutesy side-scrolling MMORPG was extremely popular in the past and still enjoys a moderate amount of success today on its official servers. Given its grindy nature and repetitive gameplay, it was the perfect game to port over to mobile devices.

Today, you can play MapleStory M on mobile devices to once again explore the endless customization options and wacky classes that made the game so popular in the past. It’s a fantastic take on this historical MMORPG and is still plenty of fun with friends.

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