4 Signs You Need Cleaning Tips For Your Garden

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What does cleaning the garden mean? 

You’re probably familiar with mowing the lawn, so if you’re wondering whether you need to invest in a new lawn-mower, be reassured that this isn’t the case. Indeed, your garden is exposed to a variety of external factors that can affect its appearance and the general health of your beloved plants. More often than not, homeowners consider a rather drastic solution, such as using pesticides or other products with potent chemical compounds. Ultimately, if you’re going to make your garden a wildlife paradise in 2020, the last thing you should be putting in is chemicals.

You’d be pleased to know that in many cases, a little bit of smart cleaning can solve your problems. Here’s how it works:

Your pond is turning green

Nothing beats a water feature. It immediately gives your garden a sense of peace and relaxation that it wouldn’t have otherwise. Except perhaps when you can’t manage your pond water and you wake up one morning to discover – horror – that it’s turned completely green. Before reaching out for the first bottle of bleach in your garage, you might want to get in touch with pond management experts who can help you to control algae and weed growth. There are plenty of safe solutions that will not affect the wildlife around the pond.

The patio is mossy/dirty 

The problem with having a patio is that it only looks beautiful half of the year. As soon as the rainy weather arrives – which is throughout fall and winter –, your patio can develop stains and mossy patches. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution that can save you a lot of scrubbing. A power cleaner device can save your patio and bring it back to its former glory. Best of all, power cleaners don’t need to rely on chemical products to be effective. A little soap can go a long way for difficult stains.

The outdoor furniture has had better days

If you’re just starting to move your outdoor furniture into the garage, you’ve probably noticed that your favorite lounging chair is showing some unpleasant patches of dirt and mold by now. No panic, you can clean most stains. For wooden furniture, mild oil-based soap with warm water can remove grime. Alternative, you can mix your own solution using ammonia, white vinegar, and water. Aluminum furniture prefers white vinegar and water solutions. On the other hand, for plastic and hard resin units, you can mix dishwasher detergent with water or washing soda with water.

Your plants are covered in bugs!

You may not be thinking about insects right now, but as soon as the spring is back, some of your plants might be covered in bugs. Refrain from using pesticide products. You can kill those little bugs without harming your plants with a simple soapy solution. Insecticidal soap is a great alternative that dehydrates bugs without leaving any toxic residue on your plants. You can also make a DIY version of the soap, using dishwashing soap and water.

It’s never too early to plan a garden cleaning party. While it may not sound exciting, we swear it can give your garden the boost it needs to stay bright and fresh all year round.

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