How To Really Rock The Party This New Years

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Sick and tired of a New Years’ celebration that just involves finding whatever venue or party is convenient enough to spend your evening at, then going home as soon as the countdown’s over? If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate New Years’, then here are a few ideas worth considering.

Make it a game night

Maybe it’s a sign of aging, maybe it’s just because New Years’ parties are getting more crowded, more expensive, and more exhausting, but if you want to spend the night indoors, you’re definitely not alone. Hit up some friends who also seem similarly reluctant to get in the overrated “party spirit” and find some adult board games from to enjoy together, instead. Just make sure the rules are relatively simple if the libations are pouring. Otherwise, things can get very confusing and messy indeed.

Hit up an underground bar

Forget the fancy bayside venues and rooftop parties. If you want to get away from the New Years’ Eve glam that seems to be everywhere, just check out some of the city’s chillest underground bars. Sites like can help you find places where the vibe is easy-going, most everybody there is a regular, and you’re not going to get hit by a hundred elbows while trying to reach the bar.

A new kind of fireworks’ experience

Okay, we all know that it’s rarely wise to spend more time taking photos of the New Years’ Eve fireworks than looking at them. How many times do you actually end up going back to look at the videos or photos you take? However, if you have a drone, it might be the perfect time to bring it out for a spin. You’re a lot more likely to look back at these given how good the view can be.

Get out in the wild

If you really want to get away from it all, truly as far as possible, then you should consider this the night to find the perfect camping spot. Invite a few friends and you have a much more intimate countdown of your own, and maybe even set off a firework or two.

Find a friend who could use some company

The holidays are tough, especially for those who are having a rough go of it. If you have a friend who doesn’t have anyone else to spend New Years’ Eve with, or is going through a tough time, ask them if they would like to spend it with you. Watch movies, take a hike, whatever you do, you could end up making someone’s New Year one of the most important nights they’ll have.

If you’re done with New Years’ Eve parties that always end up more draining than exciting, don’t force yourself to go to them. Find a new way to celebrate each time it comes around and, at the very least, you’ll have a unique start to the year ahead.


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