How To Get The Right Hat For Your Face Shape This Winter

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Contrary to popular belief, size does matter, and one size does not fit all when it comes to hats. As you can imagine, people have all kinds of different heads and face shapes with sizes and unique features. A common thing that people do when they dress is make sure they highlight their attractive features and improve the features which are not so advantageous.

People don’t realize that picking the right hat for you face shape is more complicated then just finding a style or color you like. There is more that goes into getting a hat, then most people realize. Sure, if all you care about is keeping your head warm during the winter, then you won’t have to worry about what the hat looks like, so long as it does a good job of keeping your head warm, but wouldn’t it be great to have a hat that also looked pretty decent as well?

What Is Your Face Shape?

First things first, you need to get to know your face shape, as this will make all the difference. You should also consider your body type as well, as this can affect what sort of hat you get. Selecting the right hat can seem like an impossible task, but luckily for you, there is a hat out there that suits everybody. If you aren’t sure about what your face shape is then get ready to learn about common face shapes in the next paragraph.

You might have an oval face (which is a longer face with a curved jawline), or you might have a heart shaped face (which has a long-pointed jawline and defined cheekbones. It doesn’t just stop there though, you could also have an oblong face (which is long and narrow), a round face (which is as wide as it is long), or a rectangular face (which is a long and wide face with a strong jawline). Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what your face shape is.

Different Types of Winter Hats

Understandably, there are also loads of different types of winter hats you can get (and normal hats too, so if you are fancying a more formal hat, then they’ll be one that suits you perfectly). Winter hats are obviously made from warmer fabrics compared to summer hats, as they have a bigger purpose of keeping a person’s head warm. There is no one type of winter hat that is suitable for every occasion, however, there is a style that is suitable such as casual wear, sports or more formal.

If you are planning on getting some new winter hats, then you don’t need to look very far. You can easily go online and purchase hats from a company like Tråd Denmark – Caps, Beanies, Bucket Hats, Trucker Caps & Visors, they have plenty of different types of hats, so you’ll easily find one that suits you. Don’t forget to consider the color of the hat, as if you are planning on wearing the hat when you are out on a run, then you will want a bright, neon colored hat. However, if you are wearing it to work then you should stick to the darker and neutral colors.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable in It

Ultimately though, you should get the hat that you feel comfortable in. If you like the way you look in it, then you are more likely to wear it. If you don’t love it in the shop, or when you see it online, then it’s probably not the right hat for you. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable in it, and if you do, then that is the right winter hat for you.

Obviously, you might only want a hat that keeps your head warm, but a lot of guys want to get a hat that also looks good with their outfit and suits them. You also don’t need to wait till winter to wear your hat, as you can easily just wear them in the summer if you wanted to. It’s easy to incorporate a hat into your any look. In fact, you’ll probably find that a hat is an essential part of any summer wardrobe as well, just check out this article here if you don’t believe me.

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