Growing Old Like A Gentleman

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It takes almost a whole lifetime to make the man. Being a gentleman is intertwined with your life experiences. Therefore being a gentleman is part and parcel a culmination of experience and knowledge taken from the lessons you have learned from those challenges. Perhaps the greatest test of all is yet to come for many of us. Growing old as a gentleman, what should we expect from ourselves? What are the acts and attitudes that can make us worthy of being seen as a fine single malt whiskey or a smooth cognac? Refinement is the key, many would say. Others will also say, staying true to who you are and not letting father time, change who you, is the mark of a true gentleman. For those of you in the latter camp, here’s some advice for achieving that.

Never Lose Your Humor

As you get older, yes things we begin to get tougher. You will find some of the things you take for granted as hurdles that require an extended effort to overcome. But, one thing you should never do is lose your humor. When we lose our sense of humor in life, we lose a piece of our humanity. That’s why you will want to learn old person jokes that you can tell your children someday. Not taking yourself so seriously, is the hallmark of a true gent. You put others at ease around you, you make them feel more comfortable in themselves and thus, you draw people towards you. You don’t have to be flamboyant to be a gentleman. Cool calm charisma is something that you should aspire to attain as you grow older. And part of this is to never mind being the butt of an innocent joke, preferably one that you can make about yourself.

Never Letting Standards Fall

The classic, traditional and timeless gentleman will never allow his standards to drop. If you love to wear polished and buffed Oxfords or brogues, then you must continue to do so. Yes, it will take time to make your dress shoes as smooth and clean, but it’s the little things that will be noticed about you. An older gentleman is expected to diminish in style. The world thinks it’s normal for an older man to kind of give up in the styledepartment. But a true gentleman is not normal. They take care of their image and how they portray themselves to the world. When you don’t have to make the effort but still refuse to do anything less, the effort is amplified that much more.

Manners And Politeness

The character of a gentleman will be tested daily when he is old. You’ll require help with a few things so retaining your manners and being polite to those around you, will become something of a personality trait that people won’t forget. That’s what being an older gentleman is about, not allowing time and physical deterioration, to rob you of your good nature and honorable character.

As aging men, we must remember that we are in a battle with father time. We must not let life, change who we are, how we dress and how we treat other people.

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