3 Ways To Support Women Today

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If you have women in your life, whether a girlfriend, wife, daughter, niece, mother, or somebody else, then you probably want to do your very best for them and support them in any way you can. One way you can do this is by making sure you support women any way you can. In spite of what many platforms will tell you, women do not want to destroy men and rule the world. They simply want equality, and you can help to campaign for this for them.

1. Acknowledge Privilege

First, it’s important to understand your privilege. As a male, many doors may be open for you that would not be open for women, purely because of their sex. Don’t take offence and think, ‘I haven’t had it easy!’ – that’s not what this means. It simply means that because of your sex, you do tend to have an advantage, whether in the workplace or in the media. Acknowledging this is the first step. Some women have privilege, too, and intersectional feminists make sure that they recognize it.

2. Understand Women’s Issues

Women’s issues fall under many factions and brackets. For example, harassment in the workplace, victim blaming, and even arranged marriage. Understanding these issues will help you to understand why feminism is still important.

3. Stand Up And Support Women

If you see something that shouldn’t be happening, don’t just stand by. If a woman is being harassed on public transport, let the harasser know this isn’t ok. You can even support women by supporting their creative endeavours. Much of the media is portrayed through the male gaze.


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