There’s A Time In Every Man’s Life…

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There comes a time in the life of every dad where he gets asked to help out with his kid’s school sports team.

Whether that’s little league baseball or a young football side, there’s a lot to be said for getting involved and donating your time and energy in sports. You’ll get to spend time with your child, get to teach them some valuable skills both on and off the field and be helping out in your local community.

But what if you are no sports expert and would rather do anything than get involved? If you’re looking for some good incentives to say yes, then think about the following five reasons your sports side needs you.

1. Schools Rely on Their Parent Support

From fundraising to volunteering on school trips, your child’s school couldn’t offer half the activities and programs it does without the help of parents getting involved. Be honest, when’s the last time you offered to whip up some baked goods for a bake sale, accompany a class to a museum or raise money to buy the latest Football Field Stencils? It’s time to step up and show your support.\

2. You’re a Role Model


Even if you’re not that much into sports, acting as an encouraging coach and throwing yourself into the game means you’re showing your child exactly what it takes to succeed at their chosen sport.

Showing composure and grace on and off the pitch role models sportsmanship and leadership skills to your child and their teammates, these kinds of life lessons can’t be taught in schools.

3. You Might Even Enjoy It

Could it be that you’re beginning to look forward to those hitting sessions? You love watching your kid give their all on the field. Seeing your side celebrating when they make the wins and commiserating when it doesn’t quite come off, admit it, it’s beginning to be fun. There’s so much more to coaching than playing those big games.

4. Creating Memories

Having a dad involved so closely in your life is a memory that your child will take with them into adulthood. You’re creating a special bond that will lead to game play talk over dinner, practice in the back yard and a relationship built on trust and respect.

5. You’ve Been Asked

If it’s you that’s been specifically asked to lend a hand, then take that as a win. It’s clear that you have something specific to offer that the coach picked out in you. Perhaps it’s your ability to keep calm under pressure, or how you make the kids laugh or encourage them when they’re feeling nervous.

This might even be a move that allows you to uncover some skills you didn’t know you had and give you the chance to build on some existing ones. Get out there, give it a go and start building some great memories with your child. You never know, you might even start looking forward to those games after all.

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