Why Mentorship Is Important In The Workplace

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Human resources is a surprisingly new feature of the business world. It signifies the recognition of staff as one of the core assets of a business, as well as shedding light on the need for the consideration of employee wellbeing. Human resources departments are becoming more and more prevalent, which has led to the development of mentorship programs designed to connect employees to each other as a form of pastoral support. Mentoring programs can benefit your business in number of different ways.


Having a system in place which offers support to employees, helps to tackle any issues that arise in terms of their wellbeing. Often, there is a barrier between senior and junior staff which can lead to miscommunication and friction in the company. By keeping communication open and offering solutions to problems you can easily maintain a healthy working environment for everyone. 

If your staff are happy, they will be more likely to form a bond with the company and work with its best interests at heart. Happy staff also help to maintain positive morale in the workplace, making it somewhere employees look forward to being and somewhere where they will be able to focus. 


Content staff are productive staff, so by using something like Together Mentoring Software you can actually increase your company profits. If your employees have less to worry about, they will be able to focus more on their roles, as well as being able to be more creative; potentially contributing more ideas to the company’s future. 

If your staff enjoy coming to work you will see a reduction in absenteeism, whether this is usually as a result of false reasoning or real health issues that could have arisen as a result of being unhappy at work, such as alcoholism or obesity. Paying attention to your employees’ concerns can also lead to the discovery of someone being in the wrong role, who could be transferred to another in which they flourish. 


As well as creating a happier and more productive workplace, a mentorship program that looks after employee wellbeing will increase the chances of your employees working for your company for longer. Employee longevity is important as the company benefits from the experience of the employee, as well as saving time and money on hiring and training new employees regularly. Prospective new employees will also be more attracted to roles in your company if they see that current staff have worked for you for some time. 

Mentorship programs in the workplace help to ensure that staff wellbeing is being recognised. By making sure your staff are happy, you can create a happier working environment that not only attracts new staff but also retains current staff. You can reveal any potential issues that could arise and make sure everyone is in a role that is best suited to them. You can also create a more focused environment which will improve company productivity and profits.  Take a look at theguycornernyc.com for more business tips like how small businesses should approach marketing.

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