Alternative Activities to Try Out With Your Boys

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The majority of us fall into the same old routine when it comes to hanging out with our friends. We’ll meet up on a set basis and do the same things over and over. Whether that’s grabbing a drink in the local, heading out for a meal, or maybe catching a movie every once in a while. This can be fun and it’s always nice to have routine. But every once in a while, you might want to mix things up a bit. Here are just a few ideas of alternative days out and activities you could try out with your pals for a new experience!

Live Music

If you and your friends share similar music taste, keep an eye out on gig listings in your area. If a favorite band come up, organize getting tickets. This is a great night out where you can have a laugh over some of your favorite songs. Consider heading to smaller, more local gigs too. These come up more often and are a good cheaper alternative to major concerts all the time. Plus, you might even find a stand out up and coming artist to follow!


We often meet our friends for lunch and dinner, but how about breakfast? Whether that’s you inviting people over while you whip up something in the kitchen or meeting at a place that serves breakfast – it’ll really get your day off to a good start. This is a great option for those of us who are pretty busy and might not be able to dedicate a full day to socializing.

Fishing Day Trips

Fishing trips can prove to be a fun day out. Even if you don’t engage in the fishing itself, you and your pals can float about on a boat, giving you real opportunity for some proper conversation and laughs. Check out for some ideas!


If you’re looking to make a longer weekend of your activities, why not try out camping? This is a great bonding opportunity where you can have fun and experience the great outdoors all at the same time. There are plenty of different places you can camp and your location will really impact your experience – so look around and choose wisely. Campsites will have more amenities like showers and toilets, whereas all out camping in forests and other areas gives a more authentic experience. Just make sure that you’re allowed to camp in whichever spots you end up choosing – for both safety and legal reasons. Pick up a tent, pack your sleeping bag and make sure you have a first aid kit with you. You’ll be telling stories around the campfire in next to no time.

These, of course, are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Try them out, expand on them, or maybe even just take inspiration and try something different out. The whole idea is getting out of your usual routine and trying something new together for once!

What activities do you enjoy doing with your friends?


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