Six Exciting Reasons To Head Into The Wilderness On Your Next Trip

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Are you starting to plan your next vacation? If so, we think you should skip the theme parks, say goodbye to the tourist resorts, forget the busy beaches and head away into the wilderness. Whether you are planning a trip with your friends, a travel adventure alone or a fun vacation for the whole family, this is a great option. Here are just some of the reasons why we think this could be the right choice for you or really anyone planning a trip away from home this year.

Escape The Crowds

One of the issues with heading on vacation is that wherever you seem to go the crowds follow. Millions of people head to theme parks every year and it can make journeying there in the busy peak seasons an absolute nightmare. The wait times for the most popular rides can stretch for hours in the sweltering sun. Or, how about the beaches? We’ve all been to the beach where there’s more skin in sight then there is sand.

The good news is that with a vacation in the country, you really can find an isolated spot. Yes, there are places like Yellowstone that are packed through the summer. But, it’s also a massive open space. So even if you do choose to visit a location like this, you’ll have more than enough room to enjoy it without being beaten down by the crowds.


Let’s face it, the typical vacations are incredibly stressful. You have to make sure you catch your flight, find your luggage at the gate and let’s not forget that as well as all this, you also need to make sure that you are taking enough spending money. It can be an absolute nightmare, particularly when things go wrong. And when they go wrong, they can definitely take a downward spiral in a fairly nasty direction.

With a rural vacation, there’s nothing like this that causes stress. You don’t really need to worry about spending money and you certainly don’t need to think about issues with flights. The worst problems you’ll need to contend with are the weather and the bugs. Both are easily remedied and if you are worried about bad weather, our recommendation is to head to a location where it rains for a couple hours in spots and then stops. That way it won’t put a dampener on your activities.

Learn Cool Activities

There are plenty of activities that you might not have tried before that you can enjoy when you decide to head into the wilderness. How about fishing? You might have always wanted to learn how to fish and now’s your chance. All you need is the best starter fishing kit – these aren’t that expensive – and you’ll be all set. It’s a patience game and it can be incredibly relaxing, as well as rewarding when you finally get a bite. There’s also an art to the perfect line but we’ll leave you to figure that out for yourself.

Of course, the activities that are available will depend on where you are heading and the environment that you are in. For instance, you might find that you are camping by a lake. If that’s the case, then you can consider trying your luck at waterskiing. It takes a little time to master staying upright if we’re honest but this is definitely part of the fun and you’re going to love giving it a shot yourself.

Get Some Family Time

Is Disney really the happiest place on earth for the little ones? You might have read the angry complaint from a mother who wanted to ban millennials from Disney World. But if you’ve ever been here you’ll know that kids are constantly bored and frustrated here. It may not be the best place to gain some quality family time. As mentioned, you’ll spend most of it in queues.

But going into the wilderness is different. Here, you really can get the big benefits that you want from your vacation and that does include some great quality time with the kids. You can share in activities together, enjoy one another’s company, pull out some board games and perhaps if you’re lucky, connect on a deeper level. Ultimately it can be a highly rewarding experience, and we certainly encourage you to explore it yourself.

Wherever You Want 

With a typical holiday, you’re tied down to places you can go. It’s often a very cemented schedule. There’s not much wiggle room, particularly with popular family tourist spots. You often need to plan your schedule, weeks or even months in advance. That takes away the magic and some of the fun. Again, in the wilderness things aren’t like this at all.

If you have your set of wheels, you can travel wherever you want. All you need to do is find a campsite and you can make lots of different stops too. You don’t have to just settle for one location. Over a two week period, you can visit maybe five or six. There’s another benefit here too. Since you won’t be tied down to a particular location and it’s certainly not as expensive, then you can travel for longer. This gives you the chance to get a more varied vacation.

Other Activities

We’ve mentioned a couple of activities that you can enjoy with friends, family members or groups but there are many, many more. You could go mountain biking. This is a thrilling, blood pumping adventure that this perfect if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush. Just make sure that you are wearing all the right gear when you head out.

You can also think about trying your luck at something even more exhilarating such as white water rafting. It’s another possibility that is available in certain locations and if that’s too daring for you, there are gentler experiences like paddleboarding.

We hope you have fun with these possibilities and love discovering the wonders of the outdoors for yourself. It’s certainly not your typical vacation experience and it’s all the better for it.


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