Why Wine Glasses?

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I always assumed you drank wine out of a wine glass, but as a FoodTV addict and regular cooking show junkie (even though I have to admit I’m not much of a cook), I have seen a number of shows where the chef is in Italy or another European country, and shock upon shock, they don’t always drink wine out of wine glasses. Very often I’ve seen people drinking wine out of short tumblers that you might use for juice or scotch.

This got me to thinking: why exactly do we drink wine out a fancy shmancy wine glass?

Wine Folly says thisYou’re probably wondering why some people are such sticklers about wine glasses. What’s the big deal if you prefer your wine out of a Solo cup? If the wine is cheap and you only want it for its ‘therapeutic’ benefits, then a Solo cup is fine! However, if you’re trying to understand wine and want to be able to taste all of the nuanced flavors, then you may want a proper glass.

Most good wine glasses are tulip-shaped (they narrow toward the rim of the glass) to channel the volatile aroma and flavor essences of the wine into the nerve receptors at the rear of your nasal cavity when you sniff the wine. As a rule, the bowls of red wine glasses are larger and wider than those for whites.

So next time you are served wine in a glass other than that meant for wine, know that it could change the wine experience. Now that being said if you are not planning on smelling the wine, and really getting the full experience as mentioned in “Beginner Wine Tasting: Doing It Right” and just want to drink your wine, then you have less to worry about.

What do you drink your wine out of? Let us know in the comments below.


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