Four Modern Life Skills Every Adult Needs To Know

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Everyone knows that sometimes, adulting is hard. With responsibility bearing down on you, a career to manage and the stress of our ultra-connected, fast-paced lifestyles it’s little wonder that we don’t always feel in control. As children we imagined that adults had all the answers, but as we teach adulthood ourselves we see that is rarely the case. No one ever said you have to have all the answers, but there are definitely some basic life skills that every modern adult should possess. They might not put you in control of every crisis, but the following skills will definitely make your daily life run a lot smoother…

Managing Your Email Inbox

Email is supposed to be a tool that helps us, but often it feels like it actually dominates us. Who hasn’t been a slave to their pop-up email notifications at work, being pushing from task to task and struggling with an overflowing inbox? Proper email management is a huge modern life skill to develop. Firstly, if you don’t already have folders set up to channel different topics into, and you haven’t set up inbox rules which automatically channel incoming messages from certain senders into the appropriate folders, then that can be a huge time saver. Get out of the habit of using your inbox as a to do list – you simply won’t have time to get through it all. It should only be a holding pen for email that you haven’t read yet, and nothing should stay there longer than it takes you to file it away. Keep a separate to do list, aim for a clear inbox every night, and be ruthless when it comes to filing or deleting.

Being Able To Cook Five Healthy Recipes

Not everyone has an interest in cooking, and that is absolutely fine – no one is expecting you to become a cordon bleu chef in your spare time. But every adult should know how to cook a handful of delicious healthy recipes from scratch. Eating ready meals or relying on Uber Eats is not only a really expensive habit to get into, but none of that food is any good for our health, being full of salt, sugar and saturated fats. Being able to cook for yourself is essential – even basic dishes. Dedicate a Sunday to batch cooking and freezing, then divide up into individual portions so you have the healthier, homemade equivalent of a ready meal waiting to be pulled out after a busy day.

Repairing Your Phone

Whether we like it or not, we tend to run our lives from our smartphones these days – from paying bills and banking to making arrangements to see our friends, it’s a fact of modern life that our phones are the nerve centre of how we run our lives. Because they are always with us, they are far more susceptible to damage and these days that can cost big for professional repairs. Learning to do basic level repairs on your electronics can save you huge amounts. Even if you have insurance, the excess for a typical screen replacement job is often several hundred – a cost you could definitely do without. Sourcing parts from an online supplier like Phone Remedies and following a video tutorial for your model of phone or tablet you can repair your device for a much lower price. Think of it as the modern day equivalent of being able to make basic repairs to your car.

Balancing A Personal Budget

With average levels of household debt spiralling and the availability of easy credit tempting people into unwise purchases and financial stress, it seems the old fashioned skill of creating a personal budget plan has dropped out of fashion – and is more needed than ever. No matter your income level or lifestyle, you should be living by a monthly budget as a useful tool to manage your money and stay in control of your finances. In order to achieve your goals in life – whether you want to travel and explore the world, save up to purchase a home or have the funds to start your own business, you’re going to need money and that means  which will get you access to the best rates when you need to borrow to make a big purchase. Use a money management app to understand exactly what is coming into and leaving your account each month, use comparison services to make sure you’re paying the lowest amount for utilities and insurances, cancel any unused subscriptions as soon as possible and always shop around for the best deal on any big ticket items. Set up a small emergency savings fund to help you meet unexpected costs without getting into debt, make it a twice a year habit to check your credit report and if you have existing credit card debt, pay it off as quickly as possible by using the snowball method. Educate yourself financially by signing up to money saving newsletters. You don’t have to turn into an extreme couponer, but being clever about larger purchases is just good sense.

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