Destination Electric Plugs Into Local Communities To Spotlight Small Businesses Who Support Driving Electric

New Campaign by “Drive Change. Drive Electric.” Teams Up with more than 100 Small Businesses To Highlight Fun Experiences Consumers can have with Electric Cars 

Interest in purchasing electric cars is growing rapidly, but the perception that there aren’t enough public charging stations could hold some consumers back from making their next car electric.  To highlight the availability of thousands of charging stations in the Northeast and to celebrate small business owners who believe in supporting an electric vehicle lifestyle, “Drive Change. Drive Electric.” is launching Destination Electric today.

Communities within seven Northeastern states (New York, Connecticut, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Jersey) are partnering with more than 100 local businesses to demonstrate their support for electric vehicles and let customers know they could be charging their cars while they visit.  Consumers will be able to identify a Destination Electric local business through an easily recognizable storefront decal, much like the visible rating guides found at many retailers.

“We are proud to introduce Destination Electric.  With more models of electric vehicles available than ever before, we welcome this effort to harness the power and visibility of small businesses to raise awareness about the many charging stations available locally. This is an innovative and smart way to generate enthusiasm in our communities and put more electric vehicles on our roadways,” said David Schwietert, Interim President and CEO of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.

There are more than 40 models of electric cars available today to meet every driver’s needs, with more coming in the next year.  Destination Electric’s 14 pilot communities will demonstrate that people can confidently find charging stations at places they want to go, both locally and outside their community.

“When we surveyed Northeastern drivers, we saw a clear need to build public confidence that buying an electric car is a great choice,” said John Bozzella, President and CEO of Global Automakers.  “We see very high levels of satisfaction among electric car owners, but our survey showed 83% of Northeast drivers remain concerned there are not currently enough public charging stations.  Destination Electric’s innovative approach will show people they can visit restaurants, hotels, galleries and many other great destinations in Northeast towns and cities while charging an electric car nearby, making the decision to go electric an easier one.”

“The number of charging stations increased by over 20 percent in the Northeast over the last year, and we’ll continue to see more stations installed each year moving forward,” said Paul Miller, Executive Director of the Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management.  “A key challenge is the public is accustomed to looking for large gas stations when they want to fuel up, so people don’t always recognize the many new electric car charging stations available in parking lots or garages in downtown areas.  We can facilitate the transition to clean, high-performing vehicles by putting a bright spotlight on this new infrastructure and its proximity to places people want to visit.”

As a small business in a high-traffic area of Newport, RI, Empire Tea & Coffee embraced Destination Electric. “We care greatly about reducing our own environmental impact in our operations,” said CJ Barone, co-owner of Empire Tea & Coffee. “Increasing awareness of electric vehicles and access to charging stations aligns with our values.”


“Drive Change. Drive Electric.” represents a unique public-private partnership between auto manufacturers and Northeast states to advance consumer awareness, understanding, consideration and adoption of electric cars, including battery electric, plug-in hybrid electric, and fuel cell electric vehicles. By showcasing to drivers and passengers the convenience, affordability, technology, sustainability and power performance of electric vehicles, “Drive Change. Drive Electric.” aims to put more electric cars on the road than ever before.

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