TRIbella Wine Aerator: The Review


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If you are a fan of wine like we are, in order to get the most from the flavor out of your wine you should let your wine breathe (insert wine joke here about giving it mouth to mouth if it doesn’t breathe) and you should also aerate your wine. What is aerating you say?

Here is the science made simple behind wine aeration: despite what people think, when you aerate a wine two major chemical reactions take place as a result. These are called oxidation and evaporation. Oxidation takes place when something is exposed to oxygen and is the result of that chemical reaction. Think of an apple and how it turns brown when left out for too long. Wine is affected too, just in a different way. When we talk about evaporation, we’re referring to the process of a liquid turning into a vapor and escaping into the air – another essential component to the aerating process.

Prior to receiving the TRIbella wine aerator we have each done things the old fashion way either by pouring it in a somewhat rough manor in a wine decanter or other wine vessel (if you are planning on drinking a whole bottle with with company) or simply whirling it around for a few seconds in the wine glass before sipping. This breaks down the surface area of the wine and exposes it to oxygen. If you’re wondering about the actual aeration of the TRIbella it worked wonderfully.

The TRIbella, we believe has a great design and with its perfect pour and drip free pour makes it one of the best ways to enjoy your wine. You simply place it inside the bottle much like a wine bottle topper and it has one tube that goes into the bottle and 3 small tube like openings (the TRI in TRIbella) that allows the wine to open up nicely. The TRIbella wine aerator fits cork-top and screw-top wine bottles measuring 1/2-inch in diameter by 4-inches long and should be rinsed with tap water only. You do need to tilt the bottle more upright than you would normally, but fear not the design of the TRIbella only allows so much wine to flow at once so it’s easy to control. It also looks very nice with its stainless steel design.

The TRIbella comes in a nicely crafted case (much like a nice pair of glasses). If you’re in the market for a wine aerator or have one but wanting to upgrade don’t hesitate. It has an MSRP of $40 and can be found at Amazon.

Disclosure: We received the TRIbella Wine Aerator in exchange for our honest review. The opinions expressed in our review are our own. No other compensation was given.


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