Tips For Developing A Self-Care Routine: Spring Cleaning Edition

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With the harsh winter weather, it’s easy to become complacent when it comes to self-care. Being mindful of not only the way we look physically, but how we feel mentally, and participating in the activities necessary to get us there, should be something we build into our daily routines. While it’s completely acceptable to indulge in the ultimate lazy day every now and then, with warmer weather on the horizon, what better time than now to give your routine a little sprucing up? Keep reading for some tips on how to kick the winter blues and get your mind and body right for the seasons to come.

Check in with your doctor

Let’s face it, winter can feel never ending, especially if you live in a climate prone to snow and cold. During those long months, you may have been reluctant to leave the house and more likely to engage in one, or several, Netflix binges. It’s possible you were also ignoring some health concerns and now that things are warming up, it’s time to address them. Scheduling an appointment to check in with your doctor, even if it’s just to chat, is a great way to kick off your self-care routine. Ignoring an issue certainly won’t make it go away and can even make it worse. Your doctor should be someone you can trust and tell just about anything to so no need to feel embarrassed about discussing an issue like erectile dysfunction. Your overall sexual health is a large component of self-care and although it can be awkward to discuss, it should not be ignored. They will likely be able to prescribe you sildenafil, a medication used to combat ED.

Try something new

As humans, it’s easy to become immune to the monotony of the day-to-day grind and be in what feels like an autopilot state of mind. Spring is known as time for new life, so why not incorporate that idea into your routine? If you’re a creature of habit, now is the time to experiment with adding something new into your day. This can be a subtle change such as beginning each morning listening to a motivational podcast. If you’re daring enough, try something a bit more on the drastic side such as designating a time block each day to disconnect from your electronic devices. Instead of texting or emailing back and forth, meet your co-worker for coffee to discuss the details of your upcoming presentation. Changing things up may sound scary, especially if you’re used to living life in a regimented fashion, but breaking away from a redundant routine is a great way to discover something new about yourself and can lead to forming healthy habits to include while practicing self-care.

Out with the old

Spring is synonymous for the cleaning and discarding of an accumulation of clutter that piles up over the winter months. In order to feel better mentally and physically, take this opportunity to do a little tidying up of your own. Freeing yourself of things that no longer bring you joy can be quite empowering and the process can spread throughout many areas of your life. For example, get rid of clothing in your closet if it no longer fits as hanging on to items that are too big or too small can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. Purge your garage of any tools you no longer use as they are taking up valuable space. This rule also applies to people in your life that haven’t proven they deserve to be there. Clearing space in your life physically and metaphorically will encourage you to focus on what’s truly important and meaningful to you.


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