Why You Should Get Offline More, And Engage More Directly And Physically With The World

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As guys, we all grew up admiring certain male role models in our lives – whether our own fathers, elder brothers, grandfathers, or figures from books, film, or public life.

There are plenty of images and behaviors that we associate with masculinity. You could imagine a hero in an old film riding around on a Harley and smoking little cigars, for example.

But perhaps more than anything, the trait that has been associated with masculinity around the world, and throughout the ages has been the willingness to face uncertainty and danger, and live a life of action, rather than a life spent sitting around and being passive.

These days, we’re all likely to spend more of our time then we should online, lost in the endless allures of cyberspace.

The Internet can be an amazing tool. But it can also be a trap for our attention and energy. Here are some reasons why you should get offline more, and engage more directly and physically with the world around you.

It can lead to you being much more fulfilled

The academic and author Cal Newport writes in his book “Digital Minimalism” that we are all increasingly likely, these days, to suffer from negative emotional states as a result of being constantly hooked up to various digital devices.

He looks at some research that indicates that social media companies such as Facebook, for example, exercise predatory strategies for keeping us “hooked,” while research shows that the more time spent on those social media sites, the worse people tend to feel.

When you’re doing things in “physical space”, the emotional payoffs are likely to be pretty significant after only a short while.

It could go a long way towards helping you to achieve your dreams

No one ever achieved their dreams by sitting around all day, and consuming content that other people had created.

Of course, there’s plenty of good content out there, and we can all take inspiration and motivation from our favorite creators. But if you have some dream for how you’d like your life to be, you’re going to need to start taking action and doing things, if you ever want to achieve that.

Getting engaged directly and physically with the world around you is more likely to put you in a “proactive” and “creative” state of mind, than surfing the web forever.

It helps you to write an interesting “life story”

When have you heard a really good and engaging story from one of your friends, that was based entirely on stuff that happened on the Internet?

Sure, there may be some funny anecdotes out there, but the really interesting and cool stories are the ones that take place face-to-face, in the real world.

Everyone, for the most part, wants to be the “main character” and “hero” in their own story. To write an interesting life story, it really pays to get out and meet the world head-on.

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