Rosé And Fromage Pairing Guide

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With over 1300 cheeses, France has the widest variety in terms of cheese families. Learn what they are, how they are made and how to prepare the perfect cheese board by using a variety of colors, textures and milk types plus how best to pair accompaniments. Afterwards, prepare your palate to savor some delicious cheeses.

On Monday night November 6th, The French Cheese Board hosted a closed event (Fall Into Rosé) where they celebrated Autumn with a Rosé and Fromage pairing led by Julie Peterson, My Provence Summer. Below are 3 great pairings you should try.

 Wine: MIMI en Provence  Cheese: Farmstead Camembert

Camembert Fermier/Farmstead Camembert
Taste: Strong and slightly salty flavor.

MIMI en Provence: Fresh and well-balanced wine, light pink in color with a pleasant after taste that lingers nicely.

Nose: Delicious hints of spring flowers and lemon flavors.

Mouth: Flowery notes reminiscent of the flavors of crushed strawberries, lemon and watermelon.

Finish: Long aroma

Wine: Château Saint-Maur Cheese: Bonde d’Antan

Bonde d’Antan
Taste: Mild and milky, slightly nutty goat’s milk cheese

Château Saint-Maur: Pale in color, brilliant and clear, with shades of slightly bluish rose

Nose: A powerful bouquet, well-bred and flavorful with the aromas of exotic fruits, associated with white-fleshed fruits and some mineral notes.

Mouth: The flavors are expressed with delicacy and finesse; the grapefruit notes bring freshness, the flavors of red fruits, peach and apricot bring enjoyment and aromatic complexity.

Finish: Fresh, delicate, and fruity.

Wine: Cuvée Classique Château Roubine Rosé
Cheese: Mimolette (6 Months)

Mimolette (6 Months)
Tastes: Sharp but mild cheese that is intensely fruity and nutty, with subtle notes of caramel.

Cuvée Classique Château Roubine Rosé: Salmon-rose and sunny color.

Nose: Attractive and fruity.

Mouth: Features ripe flavors and aromas of watermelon, cantaloupe, rhubarb, red cherry, and a hint of rose petals.

More on The French Cheese Board:
The French Cheese Board is a studio devoted to all things French Cheese. Conceived as an idea lab, it is a space for consumers and trade members to discover the diversity and richness that France has to offer through a series of interactive showings and events. The new home to French Cheese in New York blends the culinary arts with contemporary art installations, meshing lifestyle, art, cheese and more. They put art and design at the forefront of modernity, development, and innovation. The French Cheese Board provides a platform for the exchanging of ideas, for education, and for the celebration of French cheese.

For more information on the French Cheese Board, providing classes, events check out their website.

The French Cheese Board | 41 Spring St, New York, NY 10012 (between Mott and Mulberry Street) has teamed up with Coursehorse to offer a number of cheese centered classes for the Turophile in you.


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