3 Technological Innovations That All Businesses Should Be Using

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Any good business owner understands the importance of technology. It can help you to improve efficiency around the office and cut staff costs by automating certain parts of your business. But it’s not enough to just use technology, you also have to make sure that you’re updating it regularly. Technology is always changing and developing so there are always new innovations that you can introduce into your business. If your competitors are taking advantage of these new solutions and you aren’t, you’re going to struggle to stay relevant in an ever changing business world. That’s why it’s important that you keep your ear to the ground and read up on new technology on a regular basis. If you’re out of the loop, these are the latest technological innovations that you need to know about.


You might have heard of blockchain already if you’ve been keeping up with developments in cryptocurrency. Blockchain is the system of encryptions that makes cryptocurrency safe and anonymous, but that’s only one of the many uses. A lot of businesses are starting to see the benefits of using blockchain in their company and if you want to keep up, you need to be taking advantage of it as well. The top blockchain companies can offer all sorts of great business solutions that improve efficiency and, most importantly, boost your security. For example, you can use it when creating contracts for a complex partnership with other companies. You might have multiple contracts with a few different businesses which can get a bit messy. But with blockchain, you can create documents that cannot be edited and are not prone to cyber attacks. You can also send certain pieces of relevant information to a single company without revealing the full contract.

It’s also ideal for handling international transactions for a couple of reasons. First off, it’s far more secure than sending money through the banks so if you’re making particularly large transactions, blockchain is your best bet. It’s also quicker and you won’t have to pay any fees to the banks.

Blockchain is great for automation which always improves efficiency in business. You can create documents that can’t be changed and it’s easy to set up automatic systems to search the documents and pick out relevant information. That’s ideal for things like doing taxes or carrying out a financial audit of your business.

Blockchain is still a very new piece of technology but the benefits for business are likely to be massive, so it’s best to start introducing it right away so you’re not playing catch-up later when it becomes an essential part of all businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

Most of the news around artificial intelligence is focused on robotics and creating computer systems that can carry out tasks just as efficiently, if not better than humans can. A lot of the things that you read about might not seem useful, like the computer program that learned to play Super Mario, for example. However, these seemingly pointless experiments are part of a process that is developing intelligent computer systems that could be a massive asset in your business. There are a few pieces of artificial intelligence that a lot of businesses are already using. Chatbots, for example, are great for streamlining your customer service operation. They’re able to answer most basic questions that customers will have which means that you don’t need to hire a load of customer service staff to answer the same simple queries over and over again. You can cut your staff back and just have a few people on hand to deal with the more complex problems.

Artificial intelligence is also a great tool for keeping track of business finances and creating sales forecasts. Having a good idea of how the business is performing and what growth is likely to be like is so important if you’re going to manage your finances properly and artificial intelligence can make that a lot easier.

There are a lot of tasks within your business that could probably be automated using artificial intelligence so they don’t need to be carried out by an employee. This is one of the biggest fears that people have about artificial intelligence because they think that it means replacing all of your employees with computers, but that’s not the aim. Instead, you automate all of the menial work that takes up a lot of people’s time, leaving them free to work on coming up with new ideas and projects that will push the business forward. Automation isn’t about replacing employees, it’s about helping them to use their time more wisely and increasing efficiency.

Digital Marketing Software

If you don’t already know how important digital marketing is to your business, you’re way behind. Having a good social media presence and a great website is essential to building a strong business brand and finding new leads. But a lot of businesses aren’t using digital marketing to its full potential. You can find some success if you’re running a great social media page and posting regularly, but if you really want to see the benefits of digital marketing, you should be using digital marketing software.an absolute must

Social media scheduling tools are an absolute must. They make handling your social media accounts far more efficient because you can write all of the posts ahead of time and then set the dates and times for them to be posted. That means you only have to spend one day sorting out all of the posts rather than dedicating time to it every single day. Social media scheduling tools also have a great analytics feature that helps you to work out whether your strategy is working or not. You can see what time of day you’re reaching the most people and which types of post are getting the most engagement, so you can direct your social media strategy more effectively and generate more leads from it.

If you’re not using the latest technological innovations in your business, your competitors are going to be able to offer a better service than you and their marketing efforts will be far more successful.


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