eufyCam E Wire-Free HD Security Camera: The Review

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Home Security is a concern for many who own a house these days, from wondering who is at your door to who might be walking in your driveway (even if it is to collect cans and bottles from your recycling can). For me, I have always wanted to get a home security camera set up but had some concerns. I really hate seeing exposed wires in security camera installations yet I do not want to have to be replacing or charging the cameras every month or two. For this reason when eufy (a sub company under the Anker brand) reached out to me to check out their eufy 100% wireless cameras, lets just say I was very interested.

Anker is a company that I am quite pleased with when it comes to their products as well as customer service. I have many Anker products in my home and enjoy the quality the company brings.

You probably remember from my Ring Pro Doorbell: The Review exactly 1 year ago.

eufyCam E Wire-Free HD Security Camera Features:

  • 1080p Full HD camera with 2 way audio
  • IP65 weather proof housing
  • Night vision
  • Live Streaming
  • 140 degree wide angle lense
  • maximum 365 day battery life on a 4 hour Anker IQ charge (USB port on back of Home base)

The eufyCam connects to your home network through their eufy hub. The hub connects (hard wired to your router/extender. First step is to download the eufy Security app and create a log-in. Once you create your log-in, follow the easy step by step instructions. This only took a few minutes and the camera was set up.

Some of the features I really liked about this camera are:

1) Battery life – as I said above I do not want to be taking this camera down every month or two to charge up each camera. This system provides up to a 365 day change depending on your settings. Two settings that will determine this are ‘Camera Working Mode’ which determines the length of video recorded. There are two options, 20 second and 60 second recordings.

2) On board recording – the security camera comes with a 16GB micro SD card providing up to 1 year of recording allowing you a non cloud free option. You can also connect to your home NAS providing a sensually unlimited back up.

3) Anti theft protection – If your camera is moved both the hub and camera itself will set off an alarm to alert you. Though this is not a deal breaker it is definitely a nice little feature.

There were a few things that I did not like about the security system. The biggest issue I had came down to the actual software.

1) Software – let me preface by saying the advantage to it being software related, changes can easily be updated and made to improve these features. One feature I really like on the Ring doorbell which is not available on the eufy security camera is perimeter settings for notifications. As my neighbors driveway is in view of the camera angle, I would love to be able to remove that area from recordings on my system.

2) Face detection – One feature that is not available on this system by eufy is the availability for facial recognition. I find this to be a great feature that is on other home security systems by the same company.

Disclosure: I received the eufyCam E Wire-Free HD Security Camera in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in my review are my own. No other compensation was given.

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