Romantic Ways To Surprise Your Partner This Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to plan a romantic surprise. Here are just a handful of ideas that are certain to make an impact.

Relive your first date

Remember the first date you went on? Valentine’s Day could be an opportunity to celebrate the birth of your relationship by reliving this date. You could even revisit the place you first met if appropriate or you could simply revisit a place with a special meaning to you both.

Plan a surprise romantic meal at home

Alternatively, you could throw a surprise romantic meal at home. This could involve having to go home early to start preparation so that it’s all ready for when your partner gets back home. Alternatively, you could friends to help prepare (or you could get your partner’s friends to set up a distraction). On top of cooking a meal, you could set the scene with some candles and flowers for a traditional romantic surprise.

Send flowers to their workplace

If your partner is working on Valentine’s day, consider sending a treat to their workplace. There are companies online from which you can buy flowers for Valentine’s that can be delivered to an address. You can even attach your own personalized message.

Write a poem

Go one step up from a soppy message in a card and try writing your own poem. Writing your partner a poem is the ultimate gesture of romance. You’re best using your own words, but if your need inspirations there are lots of sites online that offer advice on writing a love poem.

Handcraft a gift

For those that know a craft, Valentine’s Day could be the chance to craft your very own gift. The time and effort put into it will show your partner how much they mean to you and by crafting it yourself, you have the freedom to personalize it the way you want it. A handcrafted gift could include handmade jewelry, a handcrafted jewelry box, a painting or a hand-baked cake. Even if you don’t have a craft skill, there are still ways to get creative such as creating your own photo collage.

Plan a surprise getaway

A getaway is the ultimate romantic gift, but it isn’t easy to plan. In fact, this is something you probably want to plan several months in advance (it could be something to consider next year) as you’ll have to book accommodation somewhere plus you’ll need to book the time. You can contact their employer in order to book the time off, or you can ask your partner to book the time off and pretend that you have another less exciting event planned. Valentine’s Day accommodation is always a little more expensive, so be prepared to spend some money. Of course, you don’t have to stay in a hotel – your partner may love camping, in which case you could travel to a beautiful natural spot nearby and pitch up a tent for a romantic night under the stars.


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