Gift Ideas For The Year Ahead


Just as the season of goodwill ends, you look at the calendar and realize that the new year brings with it a whole host of other special dates that you need to be prepared for. Birthdays, parent days and other events litter the dates of the year and you need to be ready to buy people from all over the social spectrum gifts once again. But, rather than getting stuck for gift ideas at the last minute, take this opportunity to get ahead of the game and think about what you can get people throughout the year.

Close Family

Let’s start with the most important people, those that you need to show your love through expensive gifts and well thought out surprises. We’re talking about your parents, your partner, and the kids. Their expectations for gifts from you are higher than pretty much anyone else in your life, and for good reason. Year round you tell them that you love them, so come their birthday they’re thinking that you’re going to splash the cash and backup your own words.

So what exactly is a present befitting the closest members of your life? A safe bet these days is to go with technology. Everyone likes a new piece of tech and handing over a new tablet, smartphone or another piece of equipment like a Bluetooth speaker set will brighten their day up no end. Of course, depending on who you are passing this gift to, you might have to be ready to spend the day being tech support so make sure you know how the thing you’re buying works.

Away from technology, you might want to think about something that has a personal touch. Flowers and chocolates won’t cut it, but a photo album recalling some of your experiences with your partner or your mum will send a message of love and gratitude like no other. The kids might want technology, but you can soon take their mind off of it by taking them on an experience day with you, whether that is fast cars or a hot air balloon ride.

The Others

Buying presents for your nearest and dearest should be straightforward, the price tag should be high and the gift meaningful. Buying presents for other people, your friends or extended family is somewhat more challenging. The reason for that is, what are there expectations? It’s not easy to know where you stand at all times with aunts and uncles, cousins or good friends so treading carefully here is the aim of the game. You might have a friend who loves their motor, so something for that end is a good bet such as custom air fresheners or a gift card for a car wash. Try to think about the hobbies that the other people in your life have, or your shared passion, and find a gift that relates to that in the lower part of the price range. For golfers consider gloves, film fans might want a cinema ticket and for the difficult people, a voucher or a book are good gifts to land on.

Of course, there’s always the classic money in a card option as well.

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