Let Go Of Legos By Embarking On These Modern Father-Son Making Projects Instead

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It seems like only yesterday that kids enjoyed making Lego. You may have fond memories of sitting down with your dad and making the latest kit. The chances are that you thought that tractor was the bomb. Now, though, the majority of Lego addicts tend to be in their twenties or above. That’s because childhood creativity has moved ahead and largely left those little blocks behind.

For some parents, that’ll come as a blow. If you had this bonding experience as a child, the chances are that you’ve always dreamt of doing the same with your kids. But, this doesn’t have to mean making something together is off your father-son cards. It merely means that you may have to step away from the Lego aisle. The main reason it’s gone out of fashion is the influx of modern making opportunities. Keep reading, then, to find out what you and your little one could create together instead.


There are few things kids love as much as their computers, so this is an ideal place to start. Though it may sound daunting, kits like the Kano computer kit make building a computer easy. There are similar kits for older children, as well as books about this which could help you, dad. Either way, embarking on computer creation can be fantastic fun. In extreme cases, this can also take a long time and keep you both busy for plenty of evenings to come. This is also a fantastic compromise for parents who are keen to reduce screen time. Your kid won’t be on the computer when they’re making it, after all. Still, they’ll feel as though their need is satisfied because they’re working towards that goal. That’s what we call compromise.

Electrified transport

For some kids, the idea of building a computer is far too much hassle. So, why not opt for a simpler option? Finding a way to electrify their transportation methods could work well, for instance. With something like these DIY powered longboard kits, you could help your little one take the skateboarding world by storm. There are similar kits for kids scooters, too. This could see them whizzing around your neighborhood faster than ever before. When you’re finished, you might just want to invest in a helmet to ensure they don’t have any nasty accidents!

Robot revelations

If you can’t let go of the Lego image, why not invest in a robot kit like the Makeblock starter kit? These offer much the same methods as a Lego kit would, but you get a robot at the end of it. A modern child is sure to see that as a more worthwhile than a building made of bricks. Then, they can take that robot to school with them and become the envy of their classmates. Even better, kits like these tend to teach basic programming lessons which are sure to come in handy. When they do, you get bet your son will be glad they have such a cool dad!

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