Check Out These Weird And Wonderful Sports

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Are you getting a bit bored of basketball? Tired of tennis? Frustrated by football? Well, don’t worry – if your favorite sport is leaving you feeling a bit fed up and wanting more, there are plenty more sports out there that you might want to try to get into. In fact, some of them are so weird and wonderful that you might even be surprised that they exist at all.

Here are a few strange sports that are regularly played around the world. Which one will you fancy trying out for yourself?

Professional Gaming

If you are into your video games, then you might already know that professional gaming is very much a thing. In fact, if you visit this website, you will see that there are many different gaming tournaments throughout the year. So, you can tune into a live stream to watch your favorite gamer go head to head with some of the other pros. The world of pro gaming is actually pretty easy to get into if you are quite good with a controller. So, why not start improving your skills to see if you ever get good enough to battle it out for the tournaments’ large cash prizes?!

Extreme Ironing

Did you think that ironing was just a boring chore that you had to do once a week? Think again! Extreme ironing is something of a cross between an extreme sport and a performance art. The competitors take their iron and ironing board to some remote and pretty extreme locations to iron their clothes. Some of them will stand on their head while doing this for extra points. Some professional extreme ironers have carried out this chore while hanging off the side of a cliff or even deep underwater.

Chess Boxing

Boxing is a very popular sport that is watched all over the world. Similarly, chess may not be as big a sport, but it still has a very large following. But did you know that chess boxing also has a big crowd that follows it religiously? It’s strange but true! As a matter of fact, it’s a popular sport in a number of countries, including Germany, Russia, and India. Competitors have to alternate bouts of boxing and chess before one is declared the winner.


I’m sure that you will have already heard of Quidditch. It’s the sport that JK Rowling invented for her Harry Potter book series. It’s a game that the wizards play at school, and involves them flying around on broomsticks trying to catch the snitch. This couldn’t possibly be played in real life, right? Well, you might be very surprised to hear that there are actually a couple of real-life quidditch leagues that take place each year now. The rules are exactly the same as in the books. The main difference, though, is that players have to run around with a broomstick between their legs rather than fly on them.

Wife Carrying

Think sports couldn’t get any weirder? Think again – I haven’t explained wife carrying yet! Well, there isn’t much to explain, really. It’s exactly what it sounds like – men have to carry their wives on their backs while going around an obstacle course. This strange sport originated in Finland, though it has since spread around the world and even North America has a National Wife Carrying Championships now. The winning couple are awarded the wife’s weight in beer and a very impressive five-times her weight in cash! Grab your wife, this one sounds worth entering!


Cheese Rolling

Every year in Gloucestershire in the UK, the annual Cheese Rolling Championship takes place. Again, this is another weird sport that is exactly what it sounds – competitors have to roll a large round of cheese down the side of a hill. That’s not all, though, as the competitors then have to chase after it. Whoever is first to the bottom of the hill wins the cheese.


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