Bored Of Running? Try These Four Fitness Boosters Instead!

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One of the best fat-burning workouts in the world takes place with a pair of running shoes and the world at your feet. Running is no doubt a winner when it comes to fitness, because no matter where you are – whether in the gym on the treadmill or out in the world on a new terrain – you can run. However, there’s one universal truth for most fitness followers, and that is that running can be, well, boring.

As tempting as it is to smack the snooze button and continue to stay in bed rather than pull on those shoes and head out for an early morning jog, you need to do what you can to continue to keep fit. The key is to choose to get up, get motivated and pick a different way to work the blood through your veins everyday. With that in mind, here are four fitness boosters that’ll change the way you enjoy exercise:

Skipping. A little less of the ‘holding hands and looking pretty’ skipping down the street, and a little more adrenaline pumping action with a skipping rope whipping the floor as you jump to your beat. Did you know that skipping for just ten minutes is the jump equivalent to running a mile at 6mph? Not only does it work your core like nothing else, it gives your calves fire and your thighs strength. Weighted skipping ropes change the skipping game, so check them out.

Cycling. It’s not just a gently cycle in the sunshine that cycling gives you, but rock hard quads and steel glutes. Investing a little cash in a Giant bike (in name only, not size) and switching your car-dodging day cycling antics to a night cycle can make a huge difference in your calorie burn. Don the hi vis clothing and strap the lights to your new bike; you need to be seen while you’re slamming the pedals.

Rowing. One of the hardest things to do when on water, rowing in the gym makes the real thing look easy. There is a huge effort required from your arms and core when rowing, so never knock it as an easy way out for your workouts. You can find rowing workouts like these to follow to make your exercise count. It’s like running for your arms – afterwards, they’re like jelly.

Swimming. Silent and beautiful, swimming is the sport that truly boosts your fitness while burning all your fat. It doesn’t discriminate against which body part it works out, which means that you are going to end up ripped and dipped without a second thought. Can’t swim? That’s nothing to be ashamed of. Get yourself signed up to some adult swimming lessons and you’ll be on the go in no time. As Dory said, just keep swimming!

Working out is supposed to get your blood pumping and your body moving in a way that makes you exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time. Make exercise and fitness fun, and you won’t want to miss a session.


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  1. Sean McArdle says:

    I agree running can be so repetitive and boring it is good to have other ways to keep for and to change it up. Lucky for me I haven’t feel that boring that I need to change it yet.


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